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Mere Angne Mein 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rani preparing haldi for Amit. Shanti asks Amit to control himself. Amit says now my wait is getting over. Shanti makes Aarti sit with her. The photographer clicks their pics. Ashok calls Rani and asks about Amit. Rani says he reached, haldi is starting. Ashok says don’t worry, I won’t let haldi happen. Preeti says you started haldi without me, atleast think of Nandu’s respect. Shanti says its imp to value mahurat. Kaushalya says function did not start, come sit. Shanti taunts Kaushalya. Shanti tells Amit that he can’t see Aarti now. Amit says what’s this, keep this cloth down. Shanti says then I will not keep this marriage. Amit says sorry, I was joking, I will just give the gift.

Shanti sees the phone. Amit says I have fed my number in this, you will need a phone to call me. Aarti refuses. He asks her to keep it. She says I can’t take it. He says please take it, I got this by much love. She refuses. He thinks I will get its price from Aarti, Shanti will give her money. Ashok asks for Golu. Constable says he went to his house, he is shifting. Ashok takes his number and calls. Golu says I m bachelor and have to do all work on own, I will come on duty. Ashok says Amit will sell jewelry and run. Golu asks him to come home.

Amit says I will break this phone. Shanti stops him and asks Aarti to take phone. Kaushalya asks Aarti why is she acting. Rani says take it, Amit gave me divorce in gift, give that phone to me. Amit says don’t talk in between. Aarti takes phone. Amit calls and says its my number, just answer my call. Shanti says now we will start haldi program, who will apply haldi to Charni first. Pari says me. Shanti says no, Kaushalya will start haldi, Raghav saves Charni, he is her father and you are her mum.

Pari gets bad smell from haldi and asks Kaushalya did she not add essence in it. Amit gets bad smell too. Nandu says Shanti is from both sides. Shanti says you go on girl’s side. Nandu says yes, Aarti is like my sister. Shanti asks him to give nek. Nandu asks Preeti to apply haldi and give nek. Shanti asks Preeti to give more nek. Nandu gives 10000rs as nek to Aarti. Photographer asks Shivam to do recording, I have emergency. He goes. Shanti says I don’t like silent function, do some dance. Nandu plays song. Nimmi and Pari dance.

Nandu and Preeti dance. Aarti worries. Shanti dances with everyone. Aarti recalls dancing in her haldi and her mum’s teachings. Rani thinks Aarti is crying, she can tell everyone, she can’t tolerate this, my plan can fail. She stops music and says we should continue haldi. She goes to Aarti and says I also wish to apply you haldi. She asks Shivam to come with him. She makes Shivam sit. She asks Shivam to take video of her and Charni. Shivam asks what happened to you. Rani says I m joking, click a picture. She applies haldi to Aarti. She hits Shivam and applies him haldi. Shivam falls down and asks what are you doing. Preeti says groom is sitting alone and bride is getting colored in someone else’s color. Amit scolds Shivam and asks him to stay away. He asks them not to get wrong meaning. Shanti says we know everything.

Ashok comes and asks how can haldi happen with me. He gets Golu. Pari thinks I have his wallet and recalls he is inspector. Ashok says Amit has stolen my wife’s jewelry, arrest him. They get shocked. Pari thinks I got saved. Kaushalya says no, I will get arrested, Amit’s marriage will happen. Shanti says who will do Shivam’s marriage then. Kaushalya says I won’t get arrested. Shivam asks Ashok what is he doing, does this look good, Amit is his son. Ashok says Amit did theft at home, I don’t have to think anything. Amit argues.

Shanti says you got fake inspector. Amit says no, he is my senior. Ashok says he is real policeman. Shanti says I saw him on the way, he is a goon, he was taking money from beggars, I slapped him. She asks Golu to show Id card. Pari thinks what did Shanti say, I have robbed his purse. Golu says someone robbed my purse, I can’t show ID. Shanti laughs. Kaushalya asks Ashok why is he doing this. Golu asks will you believe when I put you in lockup. He says Amit I m just doing my duty, uncle filed FIR. Amit says I did not steal jewelry, I have right on it, Ashok is not giving me money, could I take money from Raghav, I just mortgaged mummy’s jewelry. Pari says I will see you later, I want my share. Amit says you will get your share. Golu says enough, come to police station and explain, constable arrest Amit. They get shocked.


Mere Angne Mein 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shanti stops Golu and says if you take Amit, I will die. Golu asks her to do anything in police station, else he will put her in lockup.