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Mere Angne Mein 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Nimmi saying Amit cares that’s why he has sent love letter. Riya says yes, but he has to respect you too, till he respects you, you won’t go back. Rani asks are you with me. Riya says yes, Shanti will not refuse, we will convince her. Nimmi says Shanti is listening to Riya these days, we will have food now. Shivam asks Rani not to write such letter for Amit. He laughs. Riya asks Rani not to cry. Rani says now Amit will cry. Riya says yes, that’s like my brave Rani. She hugs Rani. Rani says I m fine now.

Aarti decorates the room and cries. Ajay says my wife said you can’t live here. She says I m sorry, don’t say this, I m bad wife, so you remarried. She apologizes to him and says I m ready to stay as maid, I don’t want wife rights. He asks her to shut up,now this can’t happen, leave from here. She asks where will I go. He says its none of my business, my wife is coming, I don’t want your unlucky shadow to fall on my wife. She begs him. He asks her to get lost.

Shivam makes Riya sit. Nimmi gets warm water. Shivam and Nimmi make Riya rest her feet in warm water. Riya says I will get fat and lazy if I just sit and relax. Nimmi asks her to rest. Shivam takes care of Riya and says I heard its child’s second birth along with child’s birth, I made names list for boy and girl. He rests in her lap and says its best time of my life. She says promise me you will marry me in every birth. He says promise. She feels sorry to hide something from him, in order to not spoil his best moment. She recalls doctor telling her about complicated pregnancy. She advises Riya to terminate pregnancy to save her life. Riya says I can’t terminate the pregnancy, this baby will fill all gaps, I can’t end their hopes. FB ends.

Ajay asks Aarti to leave, you can’t stay here, if you do acting, I will send you jail. He asks her not to follow him, if he regards her Lord, then its his command to leave from his life. He threatens to kill herself. Aarti shouts stop, I m going, I promise I will never come back. She goes. He smiles.

Aarti walks on road alone. She sees some men. She runs away and hides. An old man saves her by lying to the men. He asks her to come out. She asks did you see me. He says yes, I have seen everything. He gives her phone and asks her to make a call. She calls her mum and tells about Ajay marrying someone. Her mum asks why did you not tell me before. She says Ajay made me leave house, goons got after me, where will I go. Her mum says why did you leave inlaws, you won’t have any respect in society. Aarti says I want to come home.

Her mum says no, we will lose respect, you know your dad’s health. Aarti asks what’s my mistake, Ajay took divorce. Her mum says society always blames women, if you come here, I will die, go back to Ajay, and request him to keep you in any corner, forgive me, I can’t do anything, if possible, don’t call again. She cries and ends call. Aarti sits in shock.

The old man asks did you talk, what happened. She runs away. Shivam talks to his friend. He sees Nimmi making clothes for baby.

Raghav is on the way and talks to someone on call. He says I just reached, its late, come fast. Riya sees a phone ringing and goes to see. Raghav stops an auto. The man meets him. Raghav delivers his belongings and thanks him. The man blesses Raghav. He gives him some money. Raghav says no, this is not needed, just bless. The old man leaves. Raghav also leaves from there.

Riya attends the call. Doctor calls Riya and says congrats, your reports are fine, you will have a healthy baby in your lap, all the best. Riya thanks doctor and says you gave me such good news. Riya happily cries and thanks Lord


Mere Angne Mein 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Riya falls down the stairs and screams in pain. Shivam and Nimmi rush and hold her. Riya faints.

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