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Mere Angne Mein 7th February 2017 Written Update


Mere Angne Mein 7th February 2017 Written Update and Mere Angne Mein 7th February 2017 watch online.

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Shanti to have food. She asks her not to sacrifice her health. Shanti says big success asks for big sacrifice, Sarla will see me tomorrow and take her name back, what did you make today. Kaushalya shows the food. Shanti says its all my fav food, when I m on hunger strike. Kaushalya says I will eat less food today. Shanti asks Nimmi to start her election campaign, Riya and Shivam can’t get identity proof, I have to win, if I win, I won’t need Riya. Nimmi goes to call Shivam. Shanti says I miss the swing a lot.

Shivam goes to hold Riya seeing her upset. Riya says its my mistake, how to proof my identity, if I did not go from hospital, this would have not happened. He recalls what she told. He gets upset and says you felt I will never get fine,you felt I will be just wheelchair. She says I m thinking for my family. He says you did this with me. She says you are helping me as your family is trapped, else you would have not come to help me. He says I will never help you, I will save my family, I don’t care you get your identity or not. Nimmi comes and says Shanti is calling you. Riya cries.

Preeti stops Sarla and asks her not to take tension, Shanti always does drama. She asks her to give her some work. Pari says great, you want to become secretary, we have big problem on our head, Shanti’s tail is like dogs, she is selfish and will not change. Sarla says I will not change my mind. Amit comes there. He says Sarla made my name shine. Amit and Pari talk against Shanti, and say if we killed her before, this would have not happened. Sarla signs him to see Preeti. She says Shanti is my mum, she will take her name back, did you do the work. Amit says Riya has seen me.

Preeti worries that her name can get in between. Sarla asks her to go home, Nandu should not know this, I will manage all this. Preeti goes. Sarla scolds Amit and says before Riya doubts, we have to do something. Amit says I will lie to Riya. Sarla says go and tell her that you went there for some purpose.

Riya’s inner self asks Riya to leave, even if she proves she is Riya, will Shivam accept you. Riya says whatever, I will fight for my family. Her inner self reminds her that none loves her here, everyone thinks you came to snatch their happiness. Riya says no, I got the swing to know the person attacking this family, I want to become target. I m waiting, I will not lose anything, please go from here.

Shanti feels hungry and gets up from sleep. She goes out. She could not stop herself and gets the food. Nimmi comes to kitchen to have water. Shanti hides. The glass falls and goes near Shanti. Shanti rolls the glass away and hides. Nimmi picks glass and goes. Shanti takes some food in a plate.

Its morning, Pari starts Sarla’s election campaign and asks the people to give vote to Sarla if they want good to happen with them, if they give vote to criminal Shanti Devi, then bad will happen with you. Riya scolds Pari and defends Shanti. Pari says Shanti is going jail because of you, who are you. Pari laughs and says I have proof, my voter id card, do you have any card. Pari asks what will happen of Riya now, if you have to vote, then vote just Sarla. Riya says I will get evidence, prove Shanti innocent and also make her win elections. Pari asks her not to talk big things.

Kaushalya shouts and tells Shanti that kachoris got stolen from kitchen. Shanti asks how can that happened. Nimmi says I had one kachori. Kaushalya says four kachoris are missing. Shanti says maybe Nimmi had it, don’t make much food, but now anyone can come home, so you can make extra food. Amit comes and greets them. He gets sweets. A man takes their picture and hides. Amit says there is no one with me. Amit lies that he was busy. Kaushalya stops Amit from feeding sweets to Shanti, as Shanti has hunger strike on.

Shanti says its good Kaushalya remembers. He says leave all this, I know Sarla can’t make you lose, I will campaign for you, I need some help, I went to Riya’s school for my friend’s daughter’s admission. Riya comes and hears him. She asks does your friend’s daughter’s want admission in my college also, you wet my college also. He gets shocked.

Mere Angne Mein 8th February 2017 Written Update Precap : 

Shanti tells the party members that even ration card is stolen. The man says we will make new ration card and get a copy soon.

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