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Mere Angne Mein 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amit saying don’t arrest me on my haldi day. Shanti says you arrest me than Amit. She argues with Golu. Nimmi takes handcuffs and says tie it to me, I have also stolen money from Shanti. Golu smiles. Shanti gets a stick. Ashok says she won’t do anything, arrest Amit. Shanti says break this handcuffs. Golu says I will find keys, I will not leave anyone who touches this handcuff. Shivam says I will beat you and drag you to station. Golu says let me find keys. He sees Nimmi and smiles.

He asks them to shut yellow lights. Shanti calls him blind. Rani gets the keys and passes to him. Golu opens the handcuffs. Ashok says arrest Amit. Amit says what did I do, I just got a phone for Aarti, I booked Goa tickets and hotel for honeymoon. He asks Golu to let his marriage happen, put us in jail after coming from Goa. Shanti beats Amit and scolds him. Kaushalya says its not time to beat him now, he has applied haldi. Shanti asks whom shall I beat then.

Golu says enough, forgive me, I m helpless, come Amit. Shanti shouts and threatens to die. She says Amit did not do wrong, I have no problem if he took jewelry of Sarla, I have problem with Ashok, you arrest Ashok. Golu says don’t stop me from doing my work, else I will put you in jail for attempting suicide. Shanti signs Rani. Rani holds Golu’s feet and says I m Amit’s ex wife, leave Amit, don’t arrest him. Golu asks Ashok what’s happening. Ashok says leave it, I take FIR back. Nimmi asks Golu to leave. Golu says I know where is the door, I think you have problem so I see colors on seeing you. She says problem is in you. Kaushalya asks Golu to forget this. He says its my duty, I did not wish to spoil happiness, Ashok came to ask for justice. He asks Ashok to forget the matter.

Golu says if Rani has no problem with Amit’s marriage, you also become part of it. Ashok refuses and leaves. Golu congratulates Amit and asks him to come on duty. Shanti asks him to give holiday to Amit. Golu says I understand, policeman has duty for world, we swear to do duty. Kaushalya gets impressed. Golu leaves. Shanti gets angry on Ashok. She blames Rani. Rani says I did not do anything. Amit asks them to resume haldi. Shanti says let me take a breath, someone comes every day. She asks Nandu to dance. Preeti says he came to dance.

Golu stops Ashok and holds his feet. He says you did good to forgive Amit. Ashok says my heart melted seeing him. Golu says Amit is lucky, he did wrong, but his intention was good, he wanted to please his wife. Ashok says you are a nice guy, I wish Amit keeps his marriage. Golu says I will pull his ear and get him on right path. Ashok thanks him and goes.

Everyone dance on saree ka fall se…. Amit dances with Aarti. Rani takes Aarti aside. Amit says all dancing is over, now do my haldi fast. Shanti gives betel cutter to Aarti and asks her to keep it till her marriage is completed. Kaushalya asks why are you giving this to her, you did not give this to anyone till now. Shanti says Aarti loves me more than anyone else. Kaushalya says I love you a lot, I wrote Shanti Chalisa for you. Shanti says don’t say anything, you lie to me and hide things, Aarti is so good, she never lies to me. Kaushalya gets angry. Aarti takes the betel cutter. Shanti blesses her.

Shivam sits to take Aarti’s haldi video. He sees her crying. He asks her to look up. Shanti asks why are you crying. Rani says she is getting emotional, she will miss you all, where will Amit take her. Shanti scolds her. Shanti says Amit will stay in Sarla’s house. Amit asks for haldi. Pari says I will apply first. Rani thinks see what happens with you Amit.

Aarti sees Rani. Pari gets bad smell and says I m having cold. Shanti says its abshagun, just apply him haldi. Rani asks Aarti to see what she did. Shanti asks her to stay away from Charni. Shanti asks Nandu’s mum to come. Kaushalya says I have prepared haldi. Everyone apply bad haldi to Amit. Nandu’s mum asks Shanti for nek, atleast a gold ring. Shanti looks on.


Mere Angne Mein 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shanti asks Rani to leave from the house, you should not come till marriage ends. Aarti stops Shanti. Shanti asks are you two going to do something.