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Mere Angne Mein 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 7th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Mere Angne Mein 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Recap :
Riya attends the call. Doctor calls Riya and says congrats, your reports are fine, you will have a healthy baby in your lap, all the best. Riya thanks doctor and says you gave me such good news. Riya happily cries and thanks Lord

Mere Angne Mein 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Start with Shanti asking the auto driver to drive fast. He says I m driving fast, ghat is coming soon, be quiet there, I heard ghosts stay there. Shanti says I did not hear such rumor. Kaushalya says we should have gone with Sarla in car. They pray. Aarti runs on the road. She recalls Ajay’s tortures, and how her mum asked her not to call again. She goes to commit suicide. Raghav walks there and sees Aarti jumping in the river. He gets shocked and jumps in river to save Aarti. Shanti and Kaushalya pass by the area and hear some sound. Kaushalya chants Hanuman Chalisa.

Nimmi tells Shivam that she will go to sleep once Kaushalya and Shanti comes. Riya says I have to tell something important to you. Shivam says I will come upstairs. She says no, its imp, I will come down. He asks

her to be careful. Riya slips on stairs and screams. She faints. Shivam and Nimmi get shocked, and run to hold her. Nimmi cries. Shivam asks Riya to get up.
Raghav gets Aarti out of water and catches her, asking her is she mad to give her life, think of family. He asks her to calm down. She says let me die. He asks her to think well. She cries and says I don’t want to live, why did you save me. He says I will drop you home, you are not taking a good step. She says let me die….. He asks is there any problem. Nimmi puts water on Riya’s face. Shivam asks Riya to get up. Nimmi rushes to call doctor.

Raghav asks Aarti to come with him to his house, don’t worry, I have two daughters of your age. He takes her. Riya gets treated in hospital. Shivam and Nimmi worry. Nimmi calls Shanti and says Riya fell down the stairs. Shanti gets shocked. Nimmi asks her to come to hospital fast. Shanti asks how did this happen, were you not with her, fine we are coming. Shanti asks driver to take them to hospital fine, Riya is critical. Kaushalya worries and cries. Shanti says nothing will happen to her.

Raghav comes home with Aarti. He says my wife and children are here, don’t worry come. He calls Shanti, Kaushalya and Nimmi. He sees no one is at home. He asks Aarti to sit. Shivam and Nimmi ask doctor about Riya. Doctor says Riya is critical. Shanti and Kaushalya come there. He apologizes to Shanti, and says Riya fell down the stairs. Shanti says I will not forgive you if anything happens to Riya. She asks Kaushalya not to cry. She says tell Raghav to come here. Nimmi calls Raghav. She asks him to come to hospital fast. He asks what happened.

She says Riya fell down the stairs. He gets shocked. Nimmi says come fast, mummy and Dadi are here. He says I m coming, I m leaving from home. He asks Aarti to sit, I have to go hospital, there is some trouble, have food from kitchen, there is water. I m leaving, be here. He goes. Aarti sees the house.

Shanti asks what’s happening, what is doctor doing. Shivam says they did not say anything. She says ask them, go. She asks Nimmi to console Kaushalya. Doctor treats Riya. She comes out and tells Shivam that she is sorry, but they can just save either of mum or child. They all get shocked.

Shanti asks doctor to save Riya. They all cry for the baby. Raghav comes. Kaushalya tells him that doctor asked about saving Riya or baby, Shanti asked doctor to save Riya, everything will be fine. Raghav asks how is Riya. Kaushalya says Riya will get fine. Raghav sits upset.

Doctors save the baby. They all hear the baby cry and get happy. Everyone hug. Shanti says we got Laxmi at home, now our home will be full of happiness. Doctor gets the baby to them, and says congrats, its a daughter. Shanti and everyone smile happily. Shanti takes the baby in arms and hugs. Shivam thanks doctor. Kaushalya congratulates Raghav. Shanti and Shivam ask about Riya.

Doctor says actually…. Shivam asks how is Riya, tell me. Doctor says I explained Riya that pregnancy has complications and she should abort pregnancy, she did not listen to me, she took this big risk to give happiness to you all, everything got fine by her belief and baby’s good fate, she gave birth to baby by her courage, but because of your careless, she could not see the face of this child. They all get shocked. Shanti asks what did doctor mean, is Riya fine. They all get shocked seeing Riya’s dead body taken on the stretcher. Shanti shouts to doctor. They all shatter seeing Riya. Everyone cry.

Mere Angne Mein 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivam asks everyone to move the white cloth, Riya is alive. Raghav stops Shivam. Shivam says Riya is joking, she will wake up. Everyone cry. Raghav slaps Shivam and hugs him. They cry.

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