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Mere Angne Mein 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu’s mum asking for nek. Shanti gives nek to Preeti. She says how is this bad smell coming. Pari applies haldi to Amit. Shivam asks him to smile, why is he making face. Everyone get bad smell. Amit says its coming from this haldi. Nimmi gets smell and thinks she will not touch it. She asks Pari to apply more haldi to Amit. She asks Shanti to apply haldi as well. Shanti says its stinking. She applies haldi to Amit. Rani says smell is coming from outside. Everyone get bad smell. Shanti argues with Nandu’s mum. Nandu’s mum gets bad smell and says what will I apply now. Shanti says no, you have to apply haldi. She applies haldi to her as well. She says Kaushalya throw the bowl outside, its stinking. Rani asks Aarti to see what I did, now you won’t need to have bath by that haldi water. Aarti asks what did you add in it. Rani says baby helped me, I added baby potty in it. Aarti and Rani laugh.

Amit washes his face. Shivam records him. Rani says I feel sad seeing Amit like this. Aarti says you did this and now regretting. Rani says I love him. Rani goes to help Amit. Shanti and everyone go. Rani falls in Amit’s arms. Aarti sees them. Kaushalya says I will also apply to Amit. He refuses and goes. Shanti asks Nandu’s mum whom to give this money, you keep it. Nandu says I will stay here for some time. Preeti argues with her. Nandu says I keep relations. Shanti says Nandu said right, he should control Preeti. She sends Preeti. Nandu goes to drop his mum.

Shanti stops Rani and asks her did she do all this. She scolds Rani. Rani says no, I did not do anything. Shanti says I told you, I will keep an eye on you, you ruined haldi, get out of here. Aarti stops Shanti. Shanti asks why are you stopping her, did you two plan something. Rani thinks to do drama. She starts drama and cries. Shanti says you started new drama. Rani says I will go and die. She asks Shivam and Nandu to do her last rites. She goes and gets her bag. Kaushalya says Rani did not do this, I was with her in the room, its not Rani’s mistake. Shanti says I don’t trust her. Nandu and Shivam ask Shanti to forgive Rani. Shanti asks Nimmi to spy on Rani. She says I trust Aarti a lot, don’t break my trust, don’t trust on Rani. Rani says I will not do any drama. Shanti goes.

Golu recalls Nimmi and thinks I got related to such family, what’s happening to me, I hear bells and see colors. He sees lady constable. She smiles and asks what happened. He asks do you hear temple bells. She says no. He thinks what happened to me that time.

Constable says I understood you are in dilemma. Golu shows him some girl and asks does he hear bells. Constable says no. Golu says then what happened to me. Constable says you fell in love, that girl would be special. Golu asks him to do situps. Rani sees Amit and gets sad. She says I always think of Rani, he is getting married, but I love him, I always wish for his happiness. She acts and tries to tie the back string. Amit hears her. He ties the back string. She falls in his arms. She asks who will hold me when I fall again, its fine I have thought about it, I will not fall for you. He goes.


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