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Mere Angne Mein 9th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 9th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti getting worried on seeing Shanti. Lady asks Kaushalya to be careful of Aarti. Kinners come and dance with Aarti. Shanti asks them to leave. Lady says Shivam got a divorcee, but even he is a widower. The ladies gossip about Aarti. Kinner asks them to have shame to insult a woman, if her husband left her, what’s her mistake. Lady says maybe she was caught having an affair, so her husband left her. Shanti gives money to kinner and sends everyone. Lady asks Shanti to find out why Aarti’s husband left her, anything bad can happen. Lady says people will see you in bad light as well.

Chandra comes and looks on. Golu thinks of Nimmi. A constable gets a gift. He says its beautiful, ladies know ladies thing. She asks for whom did you get this. He says for prasad. He thinks he is lying in love, this is for Nimmi. He says my mum says why to ask the address of lane where we don’t have to go. He gives her money. Constable sees him reading love book. Golu says I m taking support of books to win my love, I m going to send her a gift today. Constable says if she does not like it then. Golu asks him not to say this. Golu says I m sure, she will accept me along with my gift, whenever I see her, my heart rings bell. Amit comes and sees him with the book. He asks Golu to help him in getting Rani.

He tells what all he did for Rani, but she did not agree. He asks don’t you want she should be with me happily, world will say bad to her. Golu says no, none will call her left out woman, I promise I will unite her with you. Amit thanks and hugs him.

Chandra asks about whom were they saying. Shanti lies that they were talking of someone else. She tells their problem as someone else. Chandra sees Aarti. He says I m above all this matters, my Dada ji gave me this silver coin for baby, I will give her something else, you keep this as mu dikhai. They all get shocked.

Aarti says I can’t take this. He says its shagun, Lord’s blessings, you came here as Laxmi avatar, you can’t refuse to it when a Sanyasi is giving it. Shanti says give it to me, I will give her later. Chandra asks for food. Shanti asks Kaushalya to give food to him. Chandra says I will have food by Aarti. Shanti says let her take bath and come, Kaushalya will get food. Chandra says there is some problem here, I m Antaryami, I will solve the problem.

Preeti says we have to do something of Charni. Pari says yes, but what to do. Preeti says idea, come with me to police station, we will go to Amit. They leave. Shanti goes to Kaushalya and says this girl failed us. Kaushalya says yes, she has failed your mind as well, get this house free of Charni, Shivam is not answering my call, make me meet him. Shanti says he will come, give him some time, I want him to come soon and get rid of her. Aarti recalls Shivam’s words and cries. She says Shivam is not coming home, I have no way to call him. She waits for Shivam.

Amit asks Golu the name of the girl, so that he can help. Golu says I will help when right time comes. Preeti and Pari come. Pari says we have to talk to you. Golu asks did Nimmi not come along, I m asking as I have seen you three together always. Pari asks why do you have tension. Amit looks on. Golu asks them to sit. Preeti says Nandu made me out of his house, Rani made you out of her life, reason is Charni, I want your help to make her out of the house.

Aarti thinks of those ladies’ words. Chandra sees Aarti with baby. He knocks the door. He asks for water. Aarti says I will just get it. Shanti thinks Aarti is very clever. Chandra says I was waiting for food, my room does not have water, so I asked her to get water. Shanti says why, she is impure, I mean she did not take bath, don’t ask anything. She asks Kaushalya to give food to him fast. Shanti asks her to get milk for baby. Chandra says you got a bahu like Sita, she takes care of you all and baby, everyone should get such bahu, I will pray for her and Shivam’s happy life. Aarti looks on.


Mere Angne Mein 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shanti asks Aarti to give her ex husband’s name and address. Aarti refuses. Shanti says I will find him and ask what did you do, that he left you.