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Mere Angne Mein 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with marriage bureau guy coming to Shanti Sadan and asking for Rani. He says Rani called me to get photo album of some guys. Amit gets shocked. Rani moves Amit and sits to see the photos. Kaushalya asks the man can he find good alliance. He says yes, do you want to marry. Shanti says she is my bahu, are you mad. Kaushalya says I was asking for Shivam. Shanti asks Rani does she have no shame. Rani selects 5 guys and says I will meet all of them. Shanti says guy can remarry, girl can’t remarry. Rani asks why, I m single, anyone can blame me, someone should defend me, I need support. Amitt scolds the man and holds his collar. Rani asks Amit to leave him, why is he hurt when he is marrying. Amit says I will shut your agency. Rani asks why, leave him, why are you coming in between, everything got over between us. She asks the man to call guys in good hotel, if any of them treats me well, I will marry him.

Amit asks the man to show photos. He tears album and gets angry. Rani and Shanti stop Amit. The man goes. Pari asks Amit to come with her for facial. Amit goes. Shanti asks Rani to do this drama in her house, not here.

Golu thinks I wanted a girl like Sita, but the girl is very sharp. He recalls Nimmi and thins she is special, I hear bells when she comes in front of me. Nandu and Shivam come home. Shanti asks Shivam to call painter. Shivam goes.

Neighbor lady come and sees the house. She says I heard dhol sound, no one called me in marriage. Shanti says yes, we did not call. Nimmi says Charni is asking should she take bath now or not. Lady says I will see bride. Shanti asks her to leave. Lady goes to Kaushalya and says Shanti is doing partiality, she is doing Amit’s marriage, not Shivam’s. Kaushaluya says Shivam is not agreeing, what can Shanti do. Lady asks her to give Mohini to Shivam, its enough to do his marriage this way. Rani hears them. Lady calls baba and says my friend needs mohini to control her son. She tells Kaushalya to control Shivam this way, he said none should know this. Kaushalya says I can’t come tomorrow, mehendi and sangeet are there, how can I go. Lady says you have to manage. Kaushalya says I will meet you tomorrow. Lady goes.

Kaushalya sees Rani. Rani says if you think Shivam can marry by puja paath, what’s wrong. Kaushalya says how will I manage. Rani says I promise I won’t tell anyone. Kaushalya says no, when I hide anything from Shanti, I fall in problem. Rani says I m sure you will win in this fight. Shanti asks what are you saying. Rani says Kaushalya was saying if Shivam gets married, their fight will end. Shanti says prepare for mehendi and sangeet.

Aarti recalls Shanti and cries. Shivam sees her crying and goes to see. Rani sees them together. Shivam asks why are you crying, I told you before, no need to keep forced relations, else it will break, I have seen this with Rani. Rani signs Aarti not to say anything. Aarti says you don’t need to say, I will manage, I can think my good and bad. Shivam says fine, do anything you find right, but I will give an advice, take someone’s help if needed. Nimmi looks on. Shivam goes.

Nimmi says I don’t want you to spoil your mood. Aarti says I should have not spoke to Shivam this way. Rani says its fine, we can help each other, stop crying. Nimmi says its between Amit and Aarti, Dadi may scold you. He says I know this well, I have seen Rani crying when Amit was marrying last time. She says I know, don’t hurt yourself. He says I can’t see anyone’s life getting ruined, I was trying to help. Nimmi asks could you save my life from ruining, could you save Pari’s life from ruining, no right, it happens as per fate, this was written in my fate. Charni’s fate will also have things written, don’t worry, come.

Amit asks for sangeet. Shanti asks why do you want to repeat drama in second marriage. He says my wishes were fulfilled. Nandu and Amit dance. Rani gives tea to Shanti. Shanti asks did you add poison in tea. Rani replies her. Amit says we will decide songs. Rani says I will sing and dance, we will fulfill your wish. Shanti says I don’t want much noise. Pari says it should be some fun. They all convince Shanti. Shanti says teach me your latest movie song. Nandu says I will teach dance surely. Pari gets a call and says mehendi designer is not coming. Shanti asks who will come now. Nandu says I will arrange, don’t worry. He calls and says we can get the designer, but have to buy mehendi. Shanti and everyone joke on Amit’s haldi. She asks Shivam and Pari to go and buy mehendi with good smell. They all laugh. Shivam and Pari leave.


Mere Angne Mein 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rani talks on phone. Aarti asks how are you arranging things for mehendi function. Rani says I will not let your mehendi happen. Kaushalya hears them.