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Mere Sai 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Sai To Change Villagers And Suwarna’s Perception


Mere Sai 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Mere Sai 14th March 2018 Episode Start With Triambak apologizes to Sai for his mistake. Gunwantha asks him to stop apologizing and tells Sai that she has good way to apologize, and offers sweets and savouries. Sai says how can I eat so many dishes. Aayi asks Sai to take it and says lucky people get food made by her, I saw her eating food till now and not cooking. Sai tells Triambak that one shall realize his mistake and says we both have experienced it. He blesses him.

Suwarna Bai prays to Goddess idol and hopes she shall cover the losses. Guna ji gives bangles to Kamal and says Suwarna Bai loves him madly and he loves her (kamal). Kamal says if she comes to know then? Guna ji says she will not and thinks he shall get someone to sing as Suwarna is getting old, he thinks of Champa. Champa comes there. Guna ji says she came to learn music.

Suwarna begins teaching her. Rehana tells Sai and Bayaza that Suwarna is spoiling environment and men. Bayaza says it is not her mistake, but mistake of men. If they don’t see her tamasha then she will leave from here. She says she might be helpless to do tamasha and says we have no right to blame her. Sai smiles and says that he feels proud to be his son and says you said right that we have no rights to blame her. He says she might be helpless.

Suwarna Bai asks Kamal to do work on her sarees. Guna ji says we shall get this work done by village woman. Suwarna says yes, you are right, if they are idle then they might spoil my tamasha.

She hears Sai’s voice and comes out, says I asked you to come to see my tamasha, but there is no tamasha. Sai calls her behen and says he came to get charity from her. She says she can’t be anyone sister and says men are mad for her beauty. Sai says now you want people to see your beauty, but when you want them to see heart’s beauty then their perception will change. Suwarna says it is not practical and says there is no value of heart’s beauty. Sai says body’s beauty will go, but heart’s beauty gets increases with age. Suwarna says we are guest here, can’t have food with this thinking, says Kulkarni let them stay there. She says you came here, so I will not let you go empty handed. She offers kajal to him and asks him to apply kajal to shirdi. Sai accepts it in his bowl and says allah malik. Guna ji says how it can be useful to him. Sai says it will be useful to me. Village woman asks Sai, if keertan will happen in maruti mandir. Sai says yes. Village woman says nobody can make their shirdi impure. Suwarna tells Guna ji that they are insecure. Champa’s mothers hear her singing and gets angry.

Suwarna Bai sees Anta and Banta and gives angry look. Anta and Banta tell each other that they will marry her. Banta says she loves me. Anta says she loves me and came here after me. He says he will marry her and felt her love. Banta says I can bet. Champa’s mother takes her to Sai and asks him to scold her, says she is learning singing from Suwarna. Sai asks what’s wrong? Champa’s mum tells that suwarna will spoil Shirdi. Champa tells that she is learning singing from Suwarna and thy told she is talented. Champa sings song. Her mum says it is vulgar song. Sai says I heard her music and not words, asks her not to crash her ambitions. Champa’s mum says they are poor, but have respect. She says she don’t want her daughter to learn music. Champa refuses to sing again and promises Sai. Sai says your happiness matters to Champa a lot and she has promised not to sing again. She says it is Devi Saraswati’s quality. Bheema says Suwarna Bai became tamasha wali because of singing. Sai says there is always a reason behind God’s every move.


Mere Sai 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Suwarna says she will keep tamasha on the same time when Sai will start keertan in maruti mandir. She says lets see if men like bhog or bhakti.

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Mere Sai (Hindi: मेरे साई) is an Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Abeer Sufi as Saibaba, Toral Rasputra as BayazaBai are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production company of Dashami Creations. It is Starts/Launch on 25th September 2017, Monday to Friday At 7:30 P.M..


Toral Rasputra
Vaibhav Mangle
Abeer Soofi
Abhishek Nigam
Hemant Thatte

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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