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Meri Durga 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 10th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Baba making some powder. He asks kids to open eyes. He acts to do miracle and gives some magical powder to Durga, saying you will succeed in exam, eat this before starting paper, be confident, your hand will run. Durga thanks him and promises to study hard after passing in exam. He blesses her and asks her to go.

The man asks why did you help them. Baba says when the kids go, they will tell more people. Durga and her friends are on the way. They rush to home. Amrita looks for Yashpal. He says I know Durga did not wake up. She says Durga is not here. He says where can she go in morning. Durga runs to home. Her friends get tired and sit. Durga goes ahead. They think will Durga reach home before Yashpal wakes up. Manohar says she will reach in time, she runs very fast.

Yashpal looks for Durga and asks Annapurna. She says I m in kitchen, I did not see her. Amrita says she went somewhere. Sheela comes and says what happened now. Amrita says Durga is nowhere. Sheela asks did she run away being afraid of exam. Durga runs and reaches home. She hears them. She enters the house silently. She goes to bathroom and comes out from there. She asks him to shout slowly. He says we were finding you. Sheela asks can’t you tell us, there is no peace. Yashpal says you have paper today. Durga says yes I know so I got up early. He asks are you prepared. She smiles and says yes.

Amrita makes Ganesh idol and prays for Durga. Annapurna says this time, Durga is working hard, she will pass. Shilpa tells Amrita about the sale in market. Annapurna says Yashpal did not give money. Shilpa says its okay, Amrita can choose clothes and know rate. She can buy later. Amrita says no, I have to make idol, I don’t like crowd. Shilpa says I m with you, will you take Annapurna to inlaws with you. Annapurna says Shilpa is right, go and see something for yourself.

Durga is given the paper. The man says exam time is one hour, Saraswati Sir will check it, start. Durga sees devil in paper and throws it. She recalls baba’s words. She eats the powder. She sees paper again. She prays. Yashpal waits for her.

Durga writes exam. Amrita comes out of house and gets scared seeing people. Shilpa comes. Amrita asks her not to leave her alone. Shilpa asks rickshaw driver to take them to market. Durga’s friends share joke. Shilpa and Amrita see some clothes. Amrita asks about discount. Shilpa says that will be old clothes, check new dresses. Shilpa likes a dress.

Amrita says its costly, why are we seeing when we can’t buy costly clothes. Shilpa scolds her for spoiling her impression. She goes out. Amrita gets scared seeing a man and recalls childhood incident. She goes out of shop and calls out Shilpa. Durga says let me write. The man takes her paper.

Yashpal asks Durga about her paper. Durga says questions were tough, now Sir will decide. The man gives Durga paper to Sir. Sir crushes samosa in it to remove oil. He scolds the peon. The man says what to tell Durga, you made her paper a tissue. Sir says its fine, I just want money, my institute will be number one. He asks peon to send Yashpal. Amrita worries and is alone in market.

Sir praises Durga’s paper. She thanks baba bawandar. Yashpal asks will you give her admission. Sir says yes, you send her to my institute tomorrow. Yashpal thanks him. Sir asks him to deposit 10000rs fees tomorrow. Yashpal and Durga get shocked.

Amrita cries and runs in the market. She gets dizzy and falls over Rishi’s bike. He asks are you fine madam. He sees Amrita and smiles.

Yashpal says return my 550rs, you cheated us. The man scolds him and asks him to get out. He insults Yashpal. Peon helps Yashpal. Rishi and Amrita have chaat.

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