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Meri Durga 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shri saying Durga has run in the race. Yashpal thinks Durga is running in race and I thought she is studying here. Shri thinks he will not let Durga run in state championship. She says the athlete did not come so Durga has run from school’s side, she has won the race. He says she has run from school’s side, she has run for school’s prestige, I know she can’t do wrong. Subhadra says I heard teacher saying she will run in second race, don’t trust her, she is cheating you. He says she will not run in any race now, she will come and tell me about medal. He asks Shri not to tell Durga that he knows about race.

Rajveer asks Durga to tell Yashpal about race. Yashpal says Durga will tell me about it herself, I trust her. Durga says how will I tell dad, I will work hard and win state level championship, I will make my dad wear the medal, he will get respect, he did a lot for children, once race day comes, he will know everything. He says you got smart to do all planning, come for practice.

Sheela sees Madhav and acts to cry. Madhav looks for Amrita and meets her. Amrita says it was not good the way mum and dad knew about us, your lie spoiled things, how will this get fine. Sheela asks Annapurna what will she do of Amrita and Madhav. Annapurna gets shocked and drops plate. Madhav asks Amrita do you trust me. She says more than myself. Annapurna comes and slaps Amrita. She scolds Madhav.

Madhav says I wanted to become your family. She asks him to leave Amrita alone, Amrita will forget everything, now its her duty to do daughter’s duties.. She asks Madhav to get out. He goes. She says I did not know he will ruin our family respect. She says no love marriage will happen in this house. Madhav says it will take time to convince them. Rishi says if you control Durga, work will be done. Madhav sees Durga and thinks she will make us reach heart of Amrita’s marriage. He stops Durga and says we want happiness of Amrita, I lied for her happiness, but no one is understanding this. She goes. He says she is sensible and won’t agree soon.

Subhadra comes home and asks for Durga. Durga comes from school. She tells about the maths period. Subhadra tells Yashpal that Durga did not tell her about race. Durga keeps talking. She asks Annapurna for food. He asks her why did she get late. Durga says we all went to my friend’s place and asked her dad not to send her to boarding school, good thing is he agreed. He tells Subhadra that Durga did not tell him, as she does not want to make me worry, she was helpless to run, she will never run, she will tell me about trophy some day, I trust her.

Durga thinks of Madhav’s words. He says how will my plan work without meeting Amrita. Durga throws note, asking what’s Amrita’s fav color. He says maybe pink, who is there. He thinks who is joking. He sees Durga.

She says you don’t know anything about Amrita, you don’t love her. He says I did not spend time with her, I know Amrita’s family and self esteem matters to her a lot, I love her. Durga goes. Shilpa lies to Madhav and says Amrita did not eat food. Sheela says Madhav called you to meet. She smiles.


Meri Durga 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amrita asks Yashpal to give a chance to Madhav. He refuses. Subhadra hears about Durga’s practice and thinks to take Yashpal to sports ground to prove truth.