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Meri Durga 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Durga saying you three are stupid and did not help me. Her friend says we will solve paper soon, we will answer the questions, we will help you and then leave to find Rishi’s girlfriend. Dadi sits praying. Yashpal asks her about relatives. He makes the guest list. Durga writes fast. Her friends praise her. Sheela gets tea for Dadi. Dadi asks her to give it to Yashpal. Sheela says tell me if you need help. Durga comes and says we solved sample papers. Her friends ask can we take Durga with us. Yashpal says yes. Durga smiles and thanks him. Durga and her friends leave. Sheela worries.

Yashpal asks Sheela to sit and tell about her relatives. Sheela says I will just come. Amrita talks to Rishi on phone. Durga asks for her phone for studies. Amrita ends call and gives phone to Durga. Durga goes out and says how will we follow Rishi, he will leave on bike. Bansi says you have Manohar, he has many ideas. They run. Sheela asks Shilpa to keep an eye on Durga and inform her. Shilpa comes in Durga’s way and asks her where is she going, else she will complain to Yashpal. Durga says I m going where I should go, its imp. She runs.

Durga and her friends reach Rishi’s house. Durga asks Manohar why did he get oil, he has to make Rishi’s bike slow. Manohar asks her to just see. He hangs the oil bottle back. Rishi comes talking on phone. Durga and her friends see him and hide. Rishi leaves on his bike. The oil leaks. Durga and her friends smile

Durga praises Manohar. They follow Rishi. They see pandit and think Rishi came to meet pandit. Pandit leaves. Durga says why is Rishi hiding from pandit then. They go to see. They read Pandit Darshan Kaushik. Durga recalls the shop vendor’s words. They look inside the window and hear Rishi calling Pooja as cutiepie.

Durga and her friends hide. Rishi and Pooja go upstairs. Durga cries and says it means that girl is Pooja. She recalls Rishi and Pooja dancing. She takes the phone. They see the window. Bansi and Manohar get the ladder kept there. Durga climbs the ladder and looks inside the window. Durga sees Rishi romancing with Pooja.

She records them. She clicks their pic. Rishi goes towards window and pulls curtains. He hugs Pooja. He hears some sound. Durga gets down the ladder. Rishi says maybe there is someone and looks outside. He sees the ladder. Pooja asks who kept this ladder. Rishi goes to see. Durga and her friends run. They check Rishi and Pooja’s pics. She says all pics are unclear, Rishi’s face is not seen, it means we failed. She cries. Her friend says now we know that girl is Pooja, we will tell everyone. Durga says no, everyone will feel I m thinking wrong, they will not believe me. Bansi says we will say we have seen them, Yashpal will agree. Manohar says if Yashpal knows we were spying on Rishi, he will get angry.

Durga says yes, I remember the slap. They think what to do. She sees a pic and zooms to see Rishi’s name tattooed on Pooja’s neck. She shows her friends the pic. She says now Amrita will get saved from this cheater Rishi. Durga runs home.

Yashpal says we have to arrange money soon. Annapurna says 70000rs is too much. Sheela says we will have rule on this house. Shilpa asks will Bantu and I have same room. Shilpa hears Durga. Dadi asks Durga why are you running. Durga asks where is Yashpal, I have to show something imp. Dadi says don’t know. Shilpa goes to tell Sheela. Sheela says be quiet, we will take 1.5 ton AC. Shilpa goes.

Sheela says who will hear my dreams, and Yashpal’s ruining stories. Brij hears her and asks what. Yashpal says what do parents want, than daughter’s happiness, Dulaari said she will return money. Brij asks Sheela to say. Sheela lies to Brij and tells him that Dulaari asked 70000rs from Yashpal. He gets shocked.


Meri Durga 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Yashpal says I arranged 70000rs. Shilpa makes Durga fall down. Durga says I have to show you a picture, I came prepared today. Rishi’s haldi is done. Pooja smiles and plays dhol.

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