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Meri Durga 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Durga Expresses Her Feelings


Meri Durga 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meri Durga 11th December 2017 Episode Start With  Durga saying you didn’t insult me when you had the chance, what’s this if its not love. Sanjay says I don’t love you. She says you don’t know to lie, you just love me, you like to fight, we will not fight. They have an eyelock. She hugs him. Piya re…..plays…. She says you know I feel much peace when I hug you, I feel you will not let anything wrong happen. She sleeps. He makes her lie. He cries. She talks in sleep. She says I didn’t do anything wrong, you will know my truth, you can’t break me. He recalls Gayatri and Durga’s words. He says I loved you a lot, but the truth is whatever you did with my mum and dad, I just hate you.

Yashpal asks who fed wine to Durga, tell me. He ruins the things. He catches Sanjay’s collar and says Durga’s swear saved you today, else I would have killed you. He scolds Sanjay. Sanjay shouts Sasur ji. Yashpal shouts back. He says I hate your thinking, you know you trouble Durga every day, what she does for you and your family, she keeps the promises she made during the marriage, she prays for you. Gayatri asks how dare you insult my son. He says you just deserve an insult. He taunts Gayatri for giving birth to a weak son, Durga will stay in their Lanka and tackle them. He kicks the chair and leaves with Annapurna. Its morning, Durga runs her way and thinks she has to undergo training to win the state championship. She reaches Gayatri.

Gayatri asks what did you tell Sanjay at night. Durga says nothing. Gayatri says he looked annoyed, don’t lie. Durga says I can’t break my promise, just Rana knows this, because he was there at the time I knew this. She gets dizzy and sits. She asks Gayatri not to create hurdles for her, else she will forget her promise. Gayatri throws water on her. Durga thanks her and says I m feeling good. Jassi says you shouldn’t stop running till your clothes get dry, like I said, you have to complete 8kms run. She says you have to work hard, this wrist bank will show how far you have run, you will just stay on salad and water even today. Durga understands Gayatri wants to break her. She obeys her coach. Gayatri thinks once her courage gets down, she will understand no one can become Jassi. Durga gets dizzy and faints down on the road. The people rush to see her. A truck drives that way. The people get shocked seeing the speeding truck.


Meri Durga 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Sanjay says you were dancing and made fun of yourself. Durga says you can never break my courage. Sanjay plans to trouble Yashpal.

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