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Meri Durga 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga saying I did not do any cheat, I m saying truth. The people get angry on Durga’s family in the village and scold them. Manohar says someone has framed Durga. Rajveer takes Durga with him. Everyone calls Durga a cheater. Amrita and Annapurna cry. Rajveer shows medical report to Durga and says its written that your blood has that medicine, did you had anything from outside. She says no, I just had food at home. He asks her to recall well and say. She thinks and says I went to temple in morning, I just had jalebi kept in prasad. He asks how did you eat it when I asked you not to have anything from outside, are you mad, someone has mixed the drugs in it. She cries.

Aarti comes to Neelkant and says I heard muscles strength come after 15 days of drugs. Neelkant smiles. Rajveer says Durga will not do anything such, she was attacked by someone, she was stopped from running in the race, its not her mistake, she went to temple and had jalebi prasad, she did not know it has drugs, she has won by her hardwork, you can understand. The man says maybe she has taken steroids since 15 days. Durga says I did not do cheating. The man says maybe she has always won the races by drugs. Rajveer gets angry on the man. He asks them not to do this. The man says Durga is banned from this game for five years. Everyone gets shocked. Durga cries. Yashpal shouts to her, guards stop him. Durga sees him and sits crying. The villagers see this on tv. Amrita says Durga can never do this. The man says maybe Yashpal did this by taking money. They all doubt on Durga and her family. Everyone gets against Durga. Dadi asks Chandni to talk right, Durga did not do anything. Everyone call them fraud. Annapurna cries.

The man says Durga has done cheating, her prize will be taken away, Aarti will be given first prize. Sanjay sees Durga and thinks I never thought Durga will do this, I believed in her talents. Durga’s medal is given to Aarti. Reporters question Rajveer who is responsible for all this happening with Durga. Villagers get angry out on Durga’s family. Yashpal says everything will get fine Durga. People throw stones at them. Media asks sarpanch did Durga stain their name.

Durga shouts on the people. Yashpal hugs Durga and secures her. The people say bad about Durga. They call Durga’s family a traitor and hit stones. Sanjay gets angry and says no Durga, I thought you are honest and trusted you, I did not think you will do this, you ruined our school name, you don’t deserve my friendship. She cries. Everyone calls her a cheater. Yashpal takes Durga. The man says we have to know if Rajveer is also responsible for Durga’s cheating. Neelkant calls Aarti’s dad and says I made Aarti win gold medal, you get me a seat. Villagers get angry on Durga’s family. Sarpanch stops them. Yashpal and Durga come there. Sarpanch scolds them for ruining village name. They blame Yashpal for doing this for money. Amrita thinks where is Madhav. Dadi says everyone got mad.

The people catch Durga and her family. Chandni says we should blacken Durga’s face. Annapurna holds Durga and hugs her. She says don’t dare to touch her, my daughter is innocent, she did not do anything. Chandni says its your mistake to give birth to her, your face should be blackened. Yashpal says don’t say anything to them, they did not do anything. They blacken Annapurna’s face. Annapurna and Amrita keep Durga away from the people. Durga cries.


Meri Durga 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ladies catch Annapurna to cut her hair. Durga gets shocked and cries.