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Meri Durga 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga Ki 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 11th March 2017 video watch online HD on 

The Episode starts with Brij saying how did Dulaari ask 70000rs. Sheela says talk slow, what shall I do, Dulaari needs it. Brij asks what relation did you get. She explains. He asks how will Yashpal get 70000rs. She asks him to give money to Yashpal, we can do this, you made FD, break it. He asks what. She says who will help them, Amrita is also our daughter. He gets glad and asks are you sure, are you saying true. She says yes, don’t tell Yashpal I said this. He goes.

Bantu stops Durga. She asks about Yashpal. He says he is on terrace. Shilpa says Durga looks excited, she will do bad for us, but what. She tells her plan. Durga says Yashpal is not here. Durga goes to Dadi and asks. Shilpa makes Durga fall down. The phone slides away. Shilpa and Bantu shout Durga fell down. Everyone come.

Durga says Shilpa made me fall, I was going to show something imp to Yashpal. Shilpa defends. Yashpal asks what do you want to show. Durga looks around and gets the phone. She says I came prepared today, I have to show something. She checks the phone. Yashpal asks what. Durga gets shocked.

Durga’s friends think what happened. Durga says it disappeared, it was important photo. Shilpa thinks of taking the phone and deleting Rishi and Pooja’s pictures. Durga thinks what to do now, none will believe me. Yashpal asks Durga to go and study. Shilpa tells everything to Sheela. Sheela gets shocked.

Durga and her friends think how did pictures get deleted. Durga prays to Lord. They all think of some idea. Durga says if Rishi loves Pooja, why is he marrying Amrita. Pandit scolds Rishi and Pooja, and tells about Rishi’s kundli dosh. He says if Rishi does not marry Amrita, I will not let you marry Rishi. He goes. Dulaari asks Rishi and Pooja to understand.

Pooja asks shall I not come in haldi. Dulaari scolds her and goes. Pooja throws cushion at Rishi. Durga says I wish I could do something and show Pooja’s tattoo to Yashpal. Manohar asks why did you not tell this before, photos got deleted, but none can erase tattoo, we know tattoo is on Pooja’s neck, Pooja does not know, we have to bring that tatttoo in front of everyone on haldi day. He tells the plan. They all jump happily.

Yashpal says teacher said Durga can pass. Brij comes and says she will pass as you are with her. He sends Amrita to make tea. He asks Annapurna to get papad. Amrita and Annapurna go. Brij says you did not tell me, I spoke to Sheela, I will give you 70000rs by breaking FD. Yashpal says no, I arranged money, don’t worry. Sheela hears this and thinks how did he arrange money. Brij asks what, all 70000rs arranged. Yashpal says yes, I got loan from school. Yashpal recalls the man giving money to Yashpal as advance, his 12 months salary will get cut. He signs the papers. FB ends. Yashpal tells everything to Brij. Brij says I m paying price as I m illiterate. Brij says you raised me like a son, does son leave father, I will always be with you. Sheela thinks I will ask Dulaari to trap you badly this time.

Rishi’s haldi goes on. Yashpal gives 70000rs to Dulaari. Dulaari gets glad. Dulaari’s sister asks him to get fridge for Rishi and Amrita. She asks will you give microwave too. Dulaari says why not, when will he spend then. Dulaari says I wanted simple marriage, but this has to be done to shut relatives’ mouths, we will get items from a shop known to me, then we will return it, just pay rent for items, we will have respect in society. Yashpal thinks Amrita is lucky to get such mum in law. Pooja comes and asks Dulaari to come. Dulaari goes. Pooja sees Rishi and plays dhol. She thinks you are just mine.


Meri Durga 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pooja says if bride applies haldi to a girl, the girl gets her wishful husband soon. Amrita applies haldi to Pooja and blesses her. Durga throws haldi over Pooja.

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