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Meri Durga 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga and Yashpal leaving in the bus. Durga talks to Kaki and asks do you also go home at this time, I will go home with you every day, dad won’t need to come. Yashpal says no. Kaki says she is saying right, I came here every day, I can help. Yashpal agrees and says it will be good. Durga smiles. She talks to Yashpal on the way about her fees.

He asks her to go home, he has some work, he will come after some time. She agrees. Madhav and Amrita see the idol and worry. Madhav says this idol is fake. She gets shocked. He says its imp for us to get the idol, what shall we do. She says don’t worry, we should complain in police and catch the thief. The thief puts idol in box and sends it.

Durga meets her friends and says dad will send me with Chandni kaka, now that problem is over, but main problem is my fees. She says I wish dad gets a solution for this. Yashpal waits for some man. The man lifts the idol box and comes to Yashpal. They have a talk. The man says you got busy these days, tell me something, is there any bank here which has locker. Yashpal says I don’t know, villagers don’t need locker, why do you need. The man says I m going city and have to keep jewelry, do you know any Seth ji. Yashpal says no. The man asks him to keep jewelry, as he trusts him. Yashpal says I have many responsibilities on me, sorry. The man insists and says I will pay 1000rs for every day. Yashpal refuses. The man asks him to think well, he is getting money for help. Yashpal recalls Durga’s fees and still refuses. The man says fine, as you wish. Yashpal stops the man and takes the box. The man gives him money in advance and says don’t tell this to even family. Yashpal says I trust my family. The man says it will be problem for me, its about jewelry, keep it safe. He goes.

Madhav and Amrita worry. Madhav recalls the man’s words. Amrita says we have less time, we should not let this news reach anyone. Madhav gets a call. She asks who is it. He says museum officer, did he get news about it. The man says I have made idol reach where you said. The thief happens to be Billu. He pays the man and smile. He says Madhav was beating me as hero, now he won’t get the idol anywhere, the idol is safe in his house, I will sell idol and get money, Madhav will be trapped. He laughs.

Billu says who will save Madhav now. Madhav talks to museum officer and lies to him about idol. He tells Amrita that they have to find thief and idols soon. She says we will catch idol thief in next 7 days. Yashpal gets the box home and keeps it under the bed. Dadi sees Yamraj and gets shocked. Yamraj asks he to come with him and laughs. Dadi screams. She sees Madan. She shouts to Yashpal and says yamraj came to take me, I did not see my grand daughter’s marriage.Yashpal asks what happened. She says see yamraj came to take me. They all get puzzled. Yashpal says he is not yamraj, don’t worry.

Dadi says if one sees yamraj, it means person is close to death, save me. Sheela asks her to see Shilpa’s marriage dream, he is Madan. Durga says Dadi got TB. Yashpal asks her to be quiet. Madan gives medicines and bill. Yashpal says medicines are coming for free from govt. Madan asks how will I know this, money is needed for TB medicines. Yashpal says fine, I will pay. He checks the bill and says 3000rs. Madan fools him and says its best medicines. Sheela prays for Dadi and acts. Yashpal says Brij gave money for Durga’s fees, give it to me for your treatment. Dadi refuses. He says I arranged money for Durga’s fees, give me money. She says no, I won’t give. Sheela asks her to give it. Dadi asks Durga to get money from her room. Durga gets it and gives to Dadi.

Yashpal pays money to Madan. Madan assures Dadi will get fine. Durga goes and sits to study. She goes on terrace. Her friends act and make her smile. She asks what’s going on. Her friend says we are preparing a skit for mother’s day, we will pay honor to mothers. Durga says its too good, I want to do something good for my mum, I will say she is very special and I love her a lot. She smiles.


Meri Durga 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga asks Amrita to see the box. Yashpal gets shocked. Durga tells her problem to Rajveer. Madhav says we have to stop officer from seeing idol. Amrita says I will manage. He asks how.

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