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Meri Durga 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meri Durga 11th November 2017 Episode Start With Yashpal and Annapurna hugging Durga. Annapurna says its your first day in inlaws, you should make anything sweet. Sanjay comes and acts sweet, saying why will Durga makes sweets, I will make it. They all bless him. Sanjay thinks Durga didn’t tell them anything, they look happy. He says I m son in law and have right to come. Annapurna says I will do aarti. Sanjay says Durga has run away from home to get saved from me and my family tortures, right Durga. They get shocked.

He jokes and says sorry. Yashpal says yes, you have a right to joke. They all go. Durga asks why did you come here, I didn’t tell them anything as I didn’t wish to hurt them. Sanjay twists her hand and says a good bahu don’t run away from Sasural, are you not a good bahu. They argue. He says I will not become a fool by you, person can be fooled just once in love. They all come back to welcome Sanjay with aarti and shagun things. They do tilak and aarti of Sanjay. Sanjay says I have an invitation, you have to accept it, you know how we got married, we want to marry again, my parents have to accept her any way, don’t worry about that. Durga gets shocked. She says I don’t want this to happen again, I told him, I want to focus on race. Yashpal agrees.

Dadi says now she is bahu. Annapurna says yes, rasams should happen. Sanjay says I will be with her. Yashpal says then do this, if Sanjay is supporting. Sanjay says everyone trusts me, this marriage will be with all rituals, Durga is different, so marriage rasams should be unique, it will happen in my house, so you all are invited, it will start with haldi. Durga thinks what is he planning. Sanjay asks Yashpal to get haldi for him. Shilpa says we will come.

Yashpal says your parents have done wrong with Durga, we don’t want to face them, it won’t be easy to go there. Sanjay thinks how to convince him. He asks them to come at least for Durga’s sake. Yashpal agrees. Durga says we should leave now. Rajveer comes home. He says what a pleasant surprise, I was coming to meet Durga. Durga asks why. Rajveer says I couldn’t make you reach your destination, I want to give you something, the national sports academy will give you training at a new level, then none can stop you from achieving dreams, I got this recommendation letter for your admission. Durga thanks him. Sanjay takes the letter.

Rajveer says I m not happy with your marriage, but truth is you got married, stay happy, I m sure Sanjay will take care of Durga’s dreams. Sanjay asks him not to worry. Rajveer says I m sure you will take care of my champion. Sanjay hugs him and smiles. Rajveer says get admission in 3 days, its last chance, don’t miss it. Sanjay says I will go with Durga. They leave. Durga asks Sanjay to stop the car. He doesn’t listen. She pulls the hand brakes. He says accident would have happened. She says my accident happened, as I got married to you, tell me what is this new drama to trouble us. They argue. He says I have to take revenge for what you did with my parents.


Meri Durga 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga asks Sanjay to give the letter. He says take the marriage rasams as challenge, after you win this, you will get the letter.


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