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Meri Durga 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer telling Durga that she has put everything on stake, she has to win. Dadi hears this and thinks to do something. Sheela tries to talk. Sarpanch asks what does she mean to say. Shilpa says mum wants to see, Durga can’t win, Rajveer also said she can’t win, she is not prepared for race, that foreigner is staying in Gayatri Devi’s house, we will meet her and apologize. Sarpanch says she is a big personality, Durga didn’t do right insulting her guest, we should go and apologize to end this matter. Shilpa signs Bantu. They see. Dadi thinks they are right.

Gayatri thinks tomorrow’s race will be last one for Durga and Rana. Sarpanch, Dadi and everyone come to meet Gayatri. Guard stops them. Dadi falls down. Gayatri comes there and asks guard to let them in. Dadi and everyone apologize on Durga’s behalf. She asks Gayatri to stop the race and forgive Durga. Gayatri asks them to have prasad. Brij says Shilpa did limit, she took sarpanch to Gayatri’s house to apologize and stop race. Yashpal says I will stop them. Brij says no use, Amma also went along.

Gayatri says why did anyone not see when Durga challenges Stella, she has challenged me, now its about my pride, this race will happen, when Durga loses and ruins everyone’s respect, she will understand she did a crime, Durga and her relatives will be punished, you all can leave now. Dadi says we came here to get justice, but we regret to come, if your status is over country’s respect, its called ego which breaks some day. Gayatri signs guards. They keep a stick to block their way.

Gayatri says your granddaughter has ego, she didn’t think before challenging, and you are teaching me, now I understand how she did this ego, Stella will make her lose in race and ruin her ego, but I will make your steps in my haveli memorable, if you have courage, cross this and show. Dadi sees sarpanch. Bantu says I will go. The guards ask him to go by bending down. Neelkant and Stella smile. Everyone bends down and passes ahead the stick barrier. Sarpanch gets hurt while bending down. Dadi too kneels on ground and goes out. Gayatri taunts that their place is in her feet, Durga will also realize this in tomorrow’s race.

Dadi says Durga did foolishness, but you are igniting fire intentionally. She taunts Gayatri and says this palace, this pride, see how this bends, it will be decided tomorrow, you can’t stay in peace by insulting everyone, Durga will win the race and take revenge. They all leave.

Durga asks why did you all got there, it didn’t happen well. Yashpal asks what happened there. Dadi recalls insult. Shilpa blames Durga for all this. She says Gayatri didn’t cancel race, she took this against her pride. Sarpanch says Durga, if you lose this time, remember we will trouble you and your family. Dadi thinks Durga has to win. Gayatri does aarti. She sees Sanjay. She gives him aarti. Sanjay has Durga’s name written on his cheeks. He says just Durga will win. She thinks coming time will show will Durga win or die.


Meri Durga 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga asks Rajveer to bless her. Rajveer encourages her. Durga and Stella go for the race.

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