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Meri Durga 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanjay Joins Aarti’s Dad


Meri Durga 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meri Durga 12th December 2017 Episode start with Rajveer pulling Durga and saving her. He sprinkles water on her face and asks are you fine. Durga nods. Gayatri says Durga will soon break down, salad and water will spoil her fitness. Rajveer says your race is due in 8 days, you have to be fit. Gayatri sees her medals and says you thought you will make me dance on your fingers, you don’t know me, I can trap you in your own plan. Durga says I know Jassi ji is making me have this tough training. Rajveer asks what if I was not here today, if anything happens. She says sorry, I will take care. He asks her to think well. Gayatri says this race will be your last one, I will ruin your career. Rajveer gives her biscuits and water. He asks her to have food and take good rest at home. Gayatri does aarti and comes to Sanjay. She smiles seeing the divorce papers. She wakes up Sanjay.

He asks where is Durga. She says she is not here, Aarti’s dad called you for a meet, he is happy with you, I have many hopes from you, just you can save our family now. He asks her not to worry, Durga has to get tension now. Amrita prepares Umang for school. He asks her why did her hair get white. She checks her hair in mirror. Rajveer sees her and smiles. Gayatri says Durga will come tired today, she will refuse for the training. She checks the tracker and says you have taken much time to complete the task, your punishment is, you will run 12 kms tomorrow. Durga says fine, I will 15 kms if you say, but can I take rest now. She goes.

Gayatri says you have much passion, you have just seen your trainer, you have to see your Saas. Sanjay apologizes to Aarti. She asks him to make things fine. She holds his hand and says I missed you a lot. Aarti’s dad comes and asks do you really hate Durga or just acting. Sanjay says I really hate her, she has done wrong with my mom and dad. Aarti’s dad gives him a project layout plan. He tells him about the big project. Aarti’s dad says its your Sasural there, you would be knowing those people, I want you to manage this project. Sanjay smiles.

Aarti’s dad says its a good chance for you, you know your family has taken loans from me. Sanjay thanks him for trusting him. He asks him not to worry. Aarti’s dad says money will be ours, and mind will be yours. Sanjay says I will finish all legalities. He leaves. Aarti says dad, you are too bad. He says I m doing this for your happiness, I m making SP capable to become your husband, he will be yours.

Sanjay comes home and asks Durga will she not scold him. He reminds how she got drunk and made fun of herself. He asks her to sign the divorce papers or tell the truth to the world. She pushes him away. She says you can never break my courage, you have saved my respect, this proves you still care for me, this is my win. She refuses to give him divorce. She says I will stay here with you, you got trapped by marrying me. She smiles and goes. He says you are inviting troubles for yourself and your family. He makes a plan to break Yashpal’s house and get that land for the project.


Meri Durga 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gayatri asks Durga to make bhog in one hour. Durga doesn’t find ration and says Gayatri did this intentionally. Sanjay tells Yashpal about his project plans.

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