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Meri Durga 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 12th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Brij and Yashpal telling pandit about the guy Rishi, who works in court. Pandit blesses Amrita. Durga sees everyone happily preparing for haldi ceremony. Rishi talks to Amrita on phone. She smiles. Yashpal sees her happy and thinks of Dulaari’s words. He thinks to get those items told by Dulaari. Shilpa sees Yashpal and signs to Sheela.

Sheela thinks he looks lost, Dulaari did her work. Subhadra hugs Yashpal and says congrats, what’s the matter, Amrita is getting haldi applied, your face got pale, do you have tension about Durga’s studies. Yashpal says no, just some worry for her exams, she is performing well in maths. She says just make a mind to send her with me, she will study with Shri, she will come first in school. Dadi makes Yashpal dance. Durha looks on and prays that Rishi gets exposed, so that she can pass by good marks and make Yashpal happy. She waits for her friends. They get dressed as girls and lie to Bantu. Shri asks Bantu to go, boys are not allowed. Dulaari and family get haldi for Amrita, and meet everyone.

Sheela and Dulaari go aside. Dulaari tells Sheela how she fooled Yashpal, he agreed, he will he looted well. Sheela laughs. She asks what did you think of Pooja. Dulaari tells Sheela about stopping Pooja.

Durga smiles seeing her friends in disguise. She asks how will Pooja’s tattoo come out, if Yashpal identifies you, you will get scolding. Her friend asks why could we not see Pooja’s tattoo. Durga recalls and says she hides tattoo by her dupatta. Bansi says it means her dupatta is hiding her secret, if dupatta gets removed, truth will come out. She asks why did you all wear dupatta. Manohar says we took disguise to come here, but this will do the rest of the work. He shows itching flowers. She says Pooja will get itching and will remove her dupatta.

Dulaari gives haldi to Annapurna. Everyone dance. Durga comes there and looks for Pooja. She asks Rishi’s Nani about Pooja. Nani says she won’t come today. She thinks if Pooja does not come today, how will I save Amrita from Rishi. Manohar says Pooja did not come today. They see Dulaari coming and hide under the table.
Durga says till Pooja comes, this marriage can’t be stopped. She tells Lord that she will not visit temple if Pooja does not come. Pooja comes there. Durga sees her. Dulaari gets shocked and goes to stop Pooja. Pooja says Durga can’t do anything, I have done arrangements.

Annapurna brings Amrita for the haldi. Shri asks Durga to come and apply haldi to everyone. Durga asks even to Pooja? Shri says yes, its like holi, come. Durga says I will just come. Durga’s friends say sorry, we can’t stop haldi. Durga says I will not leave that Pooja.

Everyone apply haldi to Amrita. Durga grinds the flowers and makes itching powder haldi. Dulaari sees this and thinks to stop her. Manohar takes some haldi to stop Dulaari. Pooja applies haldi to Amrita and says its said if bride applies haldi to some girl, the girl also gets desired groom soon. Amrita applies haldi to her and blesses she gets desired groom. Pooja smiles. Subhadra asks Amrita to apply haldi to Shilpa too, I wish she gets someone like Rishi. Shilpa says no, my prince will come home finding me. Amrita applies haldi to Shilpa and blesses her. Dulaari runs after Durga.

Manohar throws haldi over Dulaari and hides. Durga goes to Pooja and throws haldi over her. Everyone get shocked. Dulaari wipes her clothes and comes there. She gets shocked seeing Pooja.


Meri Durga 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga says its haldi’s holi. Pooja throws haldi on her. Someone pushes Durga downstairs. Durga rolls down the stairs. Everyone rush to her.

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