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Meri Durga 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav getting worried and going to Amrita. He sees Amrita with Dadi and coughs. Shilpa sees him and thinks Madhav is signing me to tell his feelings, today I will also tell everything. He coughs again. Amrita sees him. He asks her to come. She signs him about Dadi. He asks her to just come, he has to talk. She nods. Shilpa smiles and goes to Madhav. She says I m a girl, you are a guy, you have to tell first. He asks what. She says you signed me to come here. He says I did not do any sign. She asks did you sign Sheela then and laughs. Amrita comes. Shilpa gets shocked seeing her.

Madhav says I called Amrita, I had some office work, I m sorry. Shilpa gets upset and leaves. Madhav asks Amrita how to find the idol. She says my mind is not working, you look worried, I made tea for you, you don’t get sleep without tea at night, have tea, you will feel good. Shilpa looks on. Madhav takes the tea cup. He drinks tea and says its great. Shilpa worries. He asks Amrita to say how to find idol. She says I m thinking the same. She stumbles. He holds her. Shilpa cries.

Amrita thanks him. He asks for what. She says for saving me from fall. He says then I should also thank you for helping me in idol matter and making great tea for me. She says fine, I will not say thanks and sorry from now on. He says great, I called you because I don’t know how to find that thief, we have to make sure no one knows our costliest idol is stolen. Shilpa hears them.

Its morning, Rajveer waits for Durga. Kaki gets Durga. Durga says I will go from here. Durga meets Rajveer and they go by walk. Rajveer says your training starts now, warm up, run on road’s side. He guides her how to pick up, which is imp to win race. He asks her to show right position. She sits down. He asks what’s this, you are passing time, where is your focus. She asks him to listen to her problem. He asks what’s your problem now. She says its big problem, mothers day is going to come tomorrow. He laughs.

She asks what gift will you give your mum tomorrow. He says I will light diya in front of her pic every day. She says diya is lighted when….. forgive me. He says I have good memories of her. She says I want help to decide what to gift my mum. Amrita is worried. Her bangle drops. She goes to pick bangle. Durga comes. Amrita talks rude in tension. Durga asks what happened. Amrita says my mind is not working.

Durga asks her to say what happened, I can be useful. Amrita smiles and hugs her. She says nothing, I have some problem. Durga shows the papers. Papers fall down. Durga sees the box under the bed and tells Amrita. They pull the box. Yashpal comes and stops them. Amrita asks what’s this. He says leave this, it has expensive things. He takes the box. Durga thinks I m getting scoldings by them. She checks papers and says its good Rajveer got me this plan form, I got this gift for mum, dad and Dadi will be proud of me. Yashpal hides the box in Dadi’s room.

Madhav asks Amrita how will we find idol, all of us will be trapped. The men come to see idols. Amrita takes them. Murli says museum officer came to meet you and check idols. Madhav says make him sit, I will just come. He tells Amrita that they have to stop officer from seeing idol, else he will know its fake idol. Amrita says I know how to stop him. She tells her plan to Murli and sends him.

New sports teacher trains the girls. Shri asks Durga to go and start practice. Durga greets him. He neglects her. Shri says Durga is competition winner, she is going to represent our school. He thinks last coach was removed because of her, I love my job, so I will concentrate on other students. He says good, you run well, go and get football. Sanjay and Aarti smile. Durga goes to sports room and gets locked inside.


Meri Durga 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga asks them to open the door. Someone scares her. Madhav and Amrita fight with goons. Madhav gets hit.

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