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Meri Durga 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga asking someone to help her and open the door. Someone scares her. Amrita meets the officer. Officer says we will go and see idols. Amrita asks him to have some pakodas and insists. Officer eats pakodas and asks Madhav to have. Madhav says sure. Amrita stops him and says Madhav has Santoshi Maa’s fast and can’t have onion. Madhav says oh yes. She signs him and smiles. The man says I heard girls keep that fast to get good husband. Madhav says times changed. The man asks Amrita to have it. Amrita eats. The man says its very spicy. Amrita says no, sorry, and asks him to have water. She says its special dish of this village. Madhav asks Murli to go and clean the workshop. Officer says I m getting late, I will see idols some other day. He goes. Amrita drops the pakodas plate and drinks water. Madhav gets her sweet water and asks her why did she eat chilli pakodas. She says I m fine, why are you so worried. Madhav looks at her.

She stumbles. He holds her. They have an eyelock. He helps her in picking the pakodas. She gets a bracelet under table. Durga screams seeing Sanjay. He asks did you get scared, its just starting, now Rajveer is not here to save you. She says no one will be scared this way, use mind. They argue. She says she will win some how. He thinks if she loses, she has to touch his feet in front of everyone. She thinks he does not know Rajveer is training her. She asks him to touch her feet in front of everyone if she wins.

Shilpa tells Sheela that idol got stolen, I can’t bear Amrita and Madhav’s friendship, do something. Sheela says they work together, so they talk, think if you help him in finding idol, he will be thankful and like you. Shilpa hugs her and wishes she gets the idol. Dadi sees them. Sheela says I was teaching Shilpa how to run home. Dadi jokes.

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Dadi asks Bantu to get junk box from her room. Bantu goes and gets the box. Yashpal comes home and does not see the box. The man takes the things and gives money to Bantu. Yashpal thinks to ask Dadi her health. He goes to her room and gets shocked seeing box missing. He says I have kept box here.

Madhav asks who can do this. Amrita thinks. She says I know someone would have got this bracelet from nearby shop. Madhav says we will know about shop, then we can reach the idol. Amrita does not see the box which the junk buyer has got there at tea stall.

Durga can’t study in noise. Sanjay and Aarti see her. Madhav and Amrita find the address of the person who bought that bracelet and are on the way. Amrita slips. He holds her. He asks her to hold his hand and walk.

Durga and Aarti meet principal. He asks about new coach training them. Durga recalls Rajveer and says yes, very well, I will get prize for school, new coach is good, but Rajveer was much better, he got punished because of me, he was really getting me to your office. He says just trustee can get him back, take the entry form for race, get parents’ sign and submit tomorrow, you can’t take part in race without this form, its imp, reach there on time. Durga worries thinking how to get Yashpal’s sign.


Meri Durga 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga asks Yashpal to sign on form. Madhav and Amrita have an eyelock. The goon hits Madhav. Amrita shouts Madhav ji.

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