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Meri Durga 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga winning the race. Everyone gets glad and dance happily. Annapurna goes to Stella and tells her that she has told her Durga will win, none has courage to make Durgalose. Sanjay reminds Stella the bet and asks her how is she feeling now, does she remember what she has to do, she has to apologize to Durga and also bath by cow dung. Stella recalls her words. Durga takes the cow dung and doesn’t put on Stella. She keeps the bucket and says we have another speciality, we treat guest as Lord and serve them well, we don’t insult guests. Stella stops Durga and apologizes to her.

She says you Indians are really big hearted, I insulted your mum and country, even then you have forgive me, I respect India now, forgive me. They all smile. Dadi greets Gayatri and taunts her. She says Durga has worked hard and showed maturity, thanks to you, I have seen this day, I wish Lord gives you some senses. Gayatri thinks Durga’s passion will end with her today. Durga is called to raise the flag. Durga says I want Annapurna to raise the country flag. Annapurna raises the flag. Everyone claps. Des mere…..plays….. Durga thinks of Rajveer. Everyone gets happy. Gayatri signs her men. She calls someone and asks him to kill Durga and Rana. Everyone plays dhol and dances. Gayatri thinks Durga and Rana will lose their lives, then everyone will mourn here. The man fixes the bomb and activates it. He goes. Everyone continue to dance. Rajveer is called in the parking. He asks why is the interview in parking, it should be here, fine I will come.

Sarpanch says Durga has kept our respect by winning today, I will thank Rana ji. Shilpa sees Sarpanch going with Rajveer. Sanjay smiles seeing Durga. Gayatri sees Sanjay and tells Aarti that everyone’s lives will change now, none can stop Aarti from becoming Sanjay’s bride. She thinks Durga’s smile is just for few time now. She calls the man and says Durga and Rana shouldn’t get saved, before Rana knows I have framed Durga in doping case, end this matter. Reporter asks Durga to come with her for a picture. Sarpanch apologizes to Rajveer and thanks him for training Durga. Yashpal tells everyone that Durga has won and will they support Durga now. The villagers agree to support Durga.

Rajveer says reporters are waiting for me. Sarpanch asks Rajveer to come, he will drop him. They talk and go to the parking. Gayatri gets informed. The man asks her to stay away, blast will be big. Yashpal gets glad when everyone chants Durga’s name. Rajveer’s friend hears about the bomb blast and gets shocked. He sees Rajveer going to the parking and shouts. He runs to save Rana. Sanjay looks for Durga. He collides with Rajveer’s friend. The man says someone has kept bomb there, Rana is going there. Sanjay runs to stop Durga. Gayatri gets leaving. Sanjay and Rana’s friend run to save Durga and Rana. Gayatri counts down. Everyone dances in the race track area. Sanjay sees Durga and runs after her to stop. Gayatri sees Durga. She sees Rajveer with sarpanch.


Meri Durga 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjay shouts Durga and runs to her. Gayatri gets shocked seeing Sanjay and shouts. Blast happens. Gayatri shouts prince.

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