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Meri Durga 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga sitting and doing a tantric puja at night. Dadi, Brij and Sheela look on. Durga asks Dadi did she find Amrita happy with Madhav. Dadi says yes, she was very happy. Durga says she is sensible if she has done this, but we have a way, we will ask Dada ji about this, I will call his spirit and ask him what will be right for Amrita’s future. Amrita and Madhav look on. Dadi says spirit can come, do you know the way to call. Durga says yes, I read from this book and learnt, you all sit. Sheela says you all do this, I will go and help Annapurna. Brij and Dadi stop her. They get seated.

Subhadra says I will not leave Durga, I will find her truth, she would leave some clue. She checks Durga’s books. She says I should get something. She gets the competition form. Annapurna comes there to call Durga. Subhadra hides the letter. Annapurna comes and takes the clothes. She goes. Subhadra says I got saved, I got this proof now, I will show this to Yashpal, Durga has race on 14th, my race will be to make Durga fall in Yashpal’s eyes. Durga chants mantras. Her friends help her. They put some light. Dadi and Brij get shocked. Sheela sits tensed by hearing sounds. Durga’s friends makes thing fall down.

They create the supernatural effects. Durga says Dada ji has come, Dadi ask anything you want. Dadi turns shy and greets her husband. Durga says not all this, ask about Amrita’s future. Dadi asks for Amrita’s proposal, is it good or not.

Durga signs her friends. She moves the coin by the magnet to Madhav’s name. They all get shocked. Brij smiles and says dad gave the blessing, Madhav is the right guy for Amrita, ask anything else if you want. Dadi says yes, Brij and Yashpal take much care for me, but I miss you a lot, come in my dreams sometimes. Durga says Dada ji is going, he has gone. Lights come. Brij says Madhav is the right guy for Amrita, I think even Sheela is agreeing to this, so she is silent. Dadi blesses Durga to make her talk to Dada ji. Durga smiles. Durga thanks Brij for his idea. She says everyone agreed in one time.

FB shows Durga asking Brij to help. Brij says I have hurt by choosing a guy for Amrita, this time I will do anything for her happiness. She asks what will we do. He says I have an idea in mind. FB ends. Brij says we won and hugs Durga. He goes. Madhav and Amrita come there. Durga says I learnt this in science about magnets. Madhav praises her. Amrita says I feel we did wrong by lying. Madhav says feel everything is fine today.

Durga says dad did not say yes till now. She takes Amrita along. Subhadra goes to Yashpal. She asks him to check something. He sees the laptops range online offer. She asks how did you like the offer, Annapurna told me you want to take a laptop for Durga. She apologizes to him and asks him to give a chance to repent. She says Durga is like Shri for me. He leaves. Subhadra thinks I will show Yashpal that Durga is running in race, all his hope will break.

Durga gets the form and thinks I will be making Yashpal feel proud. Subhadra says I will be glad when Yashpal sees her running, he will stop even her education, see what I do with Durga.


Meri Durga 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjay gives chocolates to Durga. Dadi asks why does Yashpal want to make Madhav leave. Yashpal asks what’s happening. Durga says I have to win and show dad.