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Meri Durga 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Preview


In the Meri Durga 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update you read Pooja gets haldi and throws over Durga. Subhadra and everyone say its haldi holi and laugh. Pooja recalls how she came with an solution. She says I will come in haldi rasam now. She applies concealer on the tattoo. Everyone throw haldi on each other and play. Durga goes upstairs. Her friends think what to do now, where did Durga go. Someone pushes off Durga downstairs. Pooja holds Durga and smiles. Durga sees her and smiles. Pooja worries. Durga faints. Everyone ask Durga to get up.

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Pooja says Durga smiled as if she knows our big truth, else who smiles after such incident. Dulaari says now none can know about your tattoo. Pooja says there is something, we have to find out. Sheela worries. Dulaari asks what will you do. Sheela says Durga has to sleep, and wake up after pheras. They smile. Sheela goes to Annapurna and says Baby is calling you to talk about Amrita’s mehendi, I will sit with Durga. Annapurna goes. Sheela feeds tablet to Durga and gets water. Durga’s friends come. Sheela stops. They ask about Durga. They see Durga’s hand swollen. Sheela says Durga needs rest, she has to be away from all the noise. She closes Durga’s mouth and asks them to sit if they want, but don’t make noise. They say we understand. She says take care of her, I will come. She goes to Dulaari and says I have put medicine in mouth, I could not make her drink water, its fine, Durga will not wake up soon, Rishi will marry Pooja till then.

Baby gives mehendi to him. Shilpa says Rishi messaged and reads the message to Amrita. Rishi shows concern for Durga. He asks Amrita to think for their marriage. Amrita smiles. Yashpal goes to Durga and sees her friends. Bansi says we are here to study, so that she can hear us, her exam is after 3 days. Yashpal says I m glad you all are focussing on studies.

He gets sad seeing Durga. He applies her mehendi. He calls our Brij and goes to talk. He tells Dulaari’s demand. Brij says we take courage from you, don’t lose courage, Durga will be fine in some days. He gives money for the items. Yashpal says time is less, else I would have not hurt you. Brij says don’t say this, its fine, there iss no problem about Sheela, she asked me to give you 70000rs, she is bitter tongue, but has sweetness in heart. Durga’s friends think to tell everything to Yashpal. They pray that Durga wakes up soon. Bansi asks Durga to wake up, you have to save Amrita before her marriage.

On Meri Durga 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update you will see Rishi and Pooja talk about their marriage and hug. Rishi and Amrits exchange garlands. Rishi breaks garlands and says I was fooling you all. Pooja says Rishi just loves me and will marry me. Amrita cries.. To Read Meri Durga 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Stay Tune With Us .

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