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Meri Durga 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update Preview


In the Previous episode of Meri Durga you have watched how Dadi says Amrita, your life will change from today. Amrita smiles. Yashpal says Durga is sleeping, she needs rest. Brij asks everyone to get ready on time. He says make Amrita ready, its her day today. Everyone shower flowers on Rishi and Amrita. Rishi breaks the garlands. He throws it on Amrita and says how did anyone think I will marry such an illiterate girl, I was fooling you all. Amrita cries and says you said you love me. Rishi asks what do you have in you. Pooja says my Rishi just loves me and will marry me. Rishi says so we break this marriage. Dulaari laughs. Yashpal asks what are you saying, I beg you.

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Durga says I have big evidence. Her friends ask what. Durga says I did not fall, I was made to fall, I saw Pooja wearing Amrita’s ring. Manohar says Dulaari took ring back. Durga says yes, Dulaari said ring does not fit Amrita, but the ring was for Pooja. Her friends say they can hide ring too.

Durga says yes, we have to use their mistakes, we will go to jeweler and know about ring, we will ask him about whose size Dulaari made the ring, you all have to help me, Dulaari is fooling my family. Shilpa gets ready. She says I have to look beautiful, don’t go from here. Durga’s friend says I think Shilpa has gone. Durga says I wish Shilpa and Bantu were good, if we tell them, they will get us punished, think how to go out from here.

Annapurna cries. Baby asks her to pray for Amrita’s happiness. Shilpa makes excuse to Subhadra and runs after Durga. Durga’s friends fool Shilpa by diverting her. Durga wears boy’s clothes and runs, while her friend lies in her place. Rishi’s friends see Durga and run after her. Yashpal gets all electronics for Rishi. The ladies ask how did Yashpal get money. Sheela taunts ladies. Subhadra asks Dadi is Sheela fine, that she is praising Yashpal. Dadi smiles. Subhadra says there is something wrong. Sheela says after marriage breaks, Yashpal can’t return money, I will get house on my name.

On Todays Episode Meri Durga 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update you can watch Dulaari says just make sure that Amrita gets attack. Sheela says this time, even Yashpal and Annapurna will get shock. Jeweler says this ring was made for Pooja. Rishi gets baraat. Durga asks jeweler and come and tell this to Yashpal. To Know More in the episode of Meri Durga 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update Stay tunned with us .

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