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Meri Durga 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amrita saying Dadi agreed, and now Sheela has to agree. Durga says don’t worry, she will agree. Yashpal asks for what. They get shocked. Sheela gets tired and rests. Shilpa comes to talk to her. Sheela asks her to sleep and talk tomorrow. Shilpa worries. Durga says I was telling mum to make my fav dish. Yashpal asks Annapurna to cook what Durga says. Yashpal gives colors to Amrita and asks her not to go workshop, good people are not there, you can be at home and make paintings, your life will also get beautiful with the colors. He asks did Madhav leave or not. Annapurna says Brij said he will talk to him. Yashpal asks why, I will go and see him. Durga stops him asking for her gift. He says you will get your gift as well. He says I m relieved as Annapurna is taking care of Amrita and keeping her away from Madhav. Annapurna feels guilty.

Durga runs in the practice. Rajveer says you want to take yourself to new heights. Durga says yes, I got a passion, thanks for asking me to call dad, he will come and see me winning in race, now I won’t need to play hide and seek from him, I will make another round and then leave for school. He smiles and wishes her all the best.

Dadi asks Brij to talk well. Madhav comes. Annapurna gives him food and asks him to go upstairs, Yashpal does not like him. Brij also sends Madhav. He says you did good to make Yashpal’s fav food, we have to talk to him about Madhav. Yashpal comes and asks them what are they murmuring, is there anything. They worry.

Sanjay stops Durga and gives her chocolates. Aarti looks on. He asks will you become my friend. Durga says yes, but on one condition, if you get friendly with Aarti again. Sanjay sees Aarti. Durga says you are stupid to leave old friends and making new friends, old friends are best, you should not stop talking to Aarti. She gives chocolates to Aarti. Sanjay goes.

Yashpal says I will leave, I don’t know what’s happening here. He goes. Shilpa comes crying and says its all because of Amrita. She says Sheela is unwell, she is on hunger strike. She smiles and acts to cry. Sanjay asks Aarti to become friends again. Aarti refuses to get friendly. Durga looks on. Rajveer comes and asks Durga to come. Durga goes. Aarti annoyedly leaves.

Dadi beats up Sheela. Sheela thinks what did I do, I did not do anything, what happened to them. She asks what did I do. Dadi asks her why is she doing hunger strike. Sheela thinks why did Shilpa say this. Shilpa asks all of them to support Sheela. Dadi asks Sheela to do anything, I will see what you get doing this. Shilpa asks Sheela to do this for Amrita, as she is also like her daughter. Madhav looks on.


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