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Meri Durga 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 15th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Yashpal asking Brij to keep items well, so that baraatis can see. Sheela praises the items and Yashpal. Subhadra says what’s the matter, Sheela is not annoyed, there is something wrong. Dadi says don’t say this, Sheela is not bad hearted, Yashpal tried to give my earrings to Sheela, but she gave this to Amrita. Subhadra says Durga is ruined because of excess love, ask Yashpal to send Durga with me to Bhiwani. Sheela stops Yashpal and says Shilpa and Bantu will inform us if Durga gets awake, I will see, you have imp work to do. He agrees and goes. She wishes Yashpal loses respect.

Shilpa knocks door and worries that Durga will ruin plan. She realizes she left phone. She hopes Bantu kept an eye on Durga. Bantu runs to washroom. Annapurna and Baby get Amrita. Dadi asks Amrita to do rituals. Amrita leaves her hand impressions on the wall. She gets emotional and misses Durga. Sheela asks her not to cry, and think of inlaws.

Brij asks Yashpal to come, baraat will be coming. Annapurna says you managed this house well and made our name shine, brighten your inlaws by the light of your love, come take blessings from Lord. Amrita prays. Sheela smiles and thinks I m seeing you pray for destruction, who will save you now. Durga runs on the road. Rishi’s friends follow her and think to inform Rishi and Dulaari.

Durga and her friends reach temple and pray. They leave from there. Rishi’s friends misses Durga and go other side. Dulaari comes to temple and prays to Hanuman to make everything done well. She gets call from Sheela. She says I was worried by your call. Sheela says I can’t wait, I have been lighting diya for this day. Dulaari says I will reach soon, Amrita should get attack after pheras. Sheela says leave it on me, I will not even Yashpal and Annapurna. She ends call and goes out. Bantu comes to see Durga. He runs to washroom. Sheela comes to check Durga. Bantu comes and says Durga is here, Shilpa had to go and get ready. Sheela asks him to be here, its good if she keeps sleeping.

Bantu asks her not to worry and go in marriage. Durga’s friend gets relieved. Durga and her friends see firecrackers. She worries and runs. Rishi gets his baraat. Pooja smiles seeing him. Everyone dance in baraat. Brij welcomes everyone. Annapura, Subhadra, Sheela and Dadi stand at the entrance to do rituals. Dulaari and Sheela meet and smile. Yashpal welcomes Rishi. Rishi asks for his shagun so that he can get down the horse. Yashpal says why not, and gives him money. Rishi signs pandit. Pandit also takes shagun. Dulaari and Sheela smile.

Rishi gets down the horse. Subhadra does Rishi’s tilak. Durga reaches jeweler and asks him to please help. She tells everything about Rishi. Rishi acts sweet to Yashpal. He asks for shagun so that he can sit. Dulaari’s sister asks Yashpal to do rasam. Yashpal worries. Subhadra gives shagun to Rishi and taunts him to keep rasam, they will keep relations.

Baby says we hope you keep Amrita well, we raised her well. Sheela thinks I will scare Amrita to get attack between pheras. Jeweler checks records and says this ring was made for Pooja. Sheela takes Amrita and reminds her attacks coming in childhood. Amrita recalls that man and worries. Sheela asks Amrita to stay happy with Rishi, don’t feel he is stranger, we all are with you here, there you will be alone. Amrita gets worried. She comes to the stage and sees Rishi. Yashpal sees Amrita worrying.


Meri Durga 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rishi and Amrita stand to exchange garlands. Yashpal stops them. Durga fights with Rishi’s friends.

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