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Meri Durga 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amrita tying her dupatta to Madhav’s wound. She suggests of telling police. Madhav says no, the news of idol theft will be out, we have to find idols. Yashpal asks Madan to treat Dadi well, we will manage expenses. Madan asks him not to think of Dadi’s health now. He goes. Yashpal asks Dadi to take rest. Annapurna takes her. Yashpal goes to get his glasses. He asks Durga what’s written in it. Durga gets tensed and reads slowly. He asks her why is she scared. She reads about inter school championship. He gets glad seeing her speaking good english. He says I did not understand anything, but I felt it sweet. He asks the meaning of it in hindi. She says they asked for my details. Annapurna comes and asks him for school fees. He says none can stop my daughter’s study, she will earn good name. He signs on the form. Durga thinks to tell him truth after getting marks. He goes. She says now I have do to arrangements.

Durga surprises Annapurna with mothers day party. Everyone clap. Durga does Annapurna’s aarti and takes her blessings. She makes her feed laddoo. Everyone feed laddoos to their mum. Durga and her friends say good lines to thank their mum. Everyone smile. Durga says I have to make you feel special by a special gift. The kids give gifts to their mums. Durga asks Annapurna to check the gift. She shows the stove. Annapurna cries. Everyone smile. Durga thinks you always think of others and not your own needs, your hands will not get sores now, you cook on stove now. Yashpal asks Durga how did she get money to get stove. Durga says I filled form and got all this for free. Yashpal hugs her family.


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Durga comes to Rajveer and apologizes for coming late. Rajveer asks her did papers get signed. She says yes, I got busy at home celebrating mothers day. He asks her to come for practice now. He gets the sacks.

Madhav gives a gift to Annapurna. She gets surprised. He wishes her happy mothers day. He says when I came in this village, I missed my mum, since I met you, I feel my mum came in front of me, I want to give this small gift to my mum. She takes the gift. Amrita looks on. He asks her to bless him and pray for him, that he succeeds. Annapurna blesses him. She feeds him food by her hands. He goes. Annapurna asks Amrita what’s the matter. Amrita tells about Madhav’s big problem, idols got stolen from workshop. Annapurna gets shocked. Shilpa looks on. Amrita says we don’t know how to find idol, workshop will lose name, Madhav will lose job. Annapurna worries.

Durga says I know this sack has flour. Rajveer ties the sack to her waist and says you have talent to win this race, just have courage and think of this sack as your dad’s troubles, just pull the rope and reach there, if you don’t do anything today, nothing will happen in race. Durga runs and falls down. Rajveer looks on.


Meri Durga 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Madhav says we have to go workshop to talk about idol. Yashpal sees idol inside box. Rajveer encourages Durga. Durga runs.

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