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Meri Durga 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga recalling Rajveer and crying. The family consoles her. The angry villagers come inside the house to kill them. They all pour the kerosene. Brij and Yashpal hear the sound and go to see. The villagers catch them. Everyone comes out and gets shocked. Shilpa asks them not to touch Sheela. The man says our village respect got ruined because of Durga, we didn’t say anything, but today sarpanch ji is fighting with death, burn this house right away, punish them, its time they get punished for their sins. Villagers catch everyone. Durga begs them to leave everyone. She says burn me, but leave all of them. The man gets a fire torch. They all get shocked. Durga gets free from the women’s clutches.

She runs and catches the firetorch. Yashpal asks Durga to throw the firetorch. Durga gets the kerosene box and pours it on herself. She says I did the mistake, I should get punished, leave my family, I have lost my Rana Sir in this incident, everyone thinks its my mistake, I will punish myself. She gets the firetorch. Yashpal asks her to stop. Durga says when I have won the national race, none respected my passion, you are doing the same today, you all give sorrow to my family always, you will be blamed for my death. She asks Yashpal to call police, police will see all these villagers, they will go jail for my death blame. The man asks are you mad, will you die.

The man asks them to leave, this girl will trouble them more. Durga drops the firetorch and cries. Sanjay asks Gayatri how can she do this. Gayatri says I told you about our rich family status, how did you love a peon’s daughter. Sanjay says you didn’t even meet her, why do you hate her, this isn’t right. He praises Durga. She says you get respect by your surname and bank balance, I always lost to you, as it was my love for you, you can leave now. Sanjay angrily goes.

Yashpal consoles Durga. She says I had to pay big price for my dream, I don’t have courage to bear all this. Shilpa says Durga still thinks of herself. Brij scolds Shilpa. Shilpa and Bantu take Sheela. Brij asks Annapurna to manage Dadi. Yashpal hugs Durga. Gayatri wakes up and sees the smoke filled in her room. She goes out and sees Sanjay sitting inside the fire circle. She asks him to come out. He shows her their pic. He says I love you a lot but I don’t want to hurt you, I just love Durga, if I can’t get Durga, I don’t want this life. She asks him to please come out. He refuses and says you don’t know my love for Durga, she is in my breath and soul, I will not be alive, I will die now. She shouts and asks him to stop.


Meri Durga 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga reads a chit. Villagers say we won’t forgive Durga for sarpanch’s state.

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