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Meri Durga 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

The Episode starts with Amrita going to Rishi on stage. Durga asks jeweler to come with her and tell Yashpal, baraat would have come. He asks her to go and tell her dad. She says he is annoyed with me, he will not believe me, you come with me and tell him that Dulaari made ring for Pooja, please help. He says I can’t do this, sorry. Yashpal sees Amrita in tension. Amrita and Rishi stand for exchange varmala.

Durga sees Durga maa pic in jeweler’s shop and asks do you have devotion in Durga maa. He says yes. She says my name is Durga, think Durga Maa’s kid avatar is asking your help, save my sister’s life from getting ruined. He agrees. Durga sees Rishi’s friends. She asks jeweler to come fast. They run. Rishi’s friends block their way. The man says Rishi would have made Amrita wear varmala till now.

Dulaari asks Amrita to make Rishi wear varmala. Yashpal stops Amrita. Rishi’s friends say till now, Rishi and Amrita’s wedding rituals would have started. Yashpal says Dulaari ji, I want to say something. Subhadra and Brij hold him. Dulaari says we will talk later. Yashpla says no, listen to me, Amrita gets nervous attacks. They all get shocked. Rishi’s friend laugh on Durga.

Yashpal says I know I should have told you before, but attacks used to happen in childhood, I did not know to tell you or not, I think I should tell you everything before marriage. Sheela thinks Yashpal failed the plan. Dulaari thinks how to break marriage after pheras now. Yashpal says decide now, I can’t let this marriage happen by lie.

Durga asks Rishi’s friends to let her go. Jeweler says you all are doing wrong. Rishi’s friends scare the jeweler and ask him to run. Durga asks jeweler to help her. Jeweler says I should help myself first. He leaves. Dulaari says forget it, doctor said there is nothing to worry, so leave it. Yashpal thanks her. Rishi and Amrita exchange varmala. Everyone shower flowers. Pooja worries. Yashpal gets glad seeing Rishi and Amrita.

Rishi’s friends ask Durga whom will she call for help. Manohar acts and throws sand in the men’s eyes. Durga takes stones in a cloth. Brij comes to Sheela. She says you got great proposal for Amrita, I won’t forget what you did for Yashpal’s family. Sheela says it was my duty. Amrita is our daughter also. Durga rotates the cloth and beats Rishi’s friends.

Subhadra introduces Shri to teacher and praises her. She says Shri’s school has e-learning. Sheela asks Dulaari what did you do, how will you stop marriage. Dulaari says I will think, let half marriage happen. Rishi’s friends call Dulaari and says Durga has run away, we caught her, but she fooled us, now manage her. Dulaari asks Sheela where is Yashpal, Durga has run away. Sheela worries. Yashpal says Amrita’s fate is good, I m missing Durga. He asks Brij to see Durga, if she woke up. Dulaari asks Yashpal to get pheras done soon, as her mum has early sleeping habit.

Durga and her friends run. She gets inside the temple. Rishi’s friends look for her. Durga gets a wedding invitation card kept near idol. She gets shocked seeing it.


Meri Durga 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pandit starts mantras. Durga comes there and stops them. Yashpal asks Dulaari what is this, tell me.

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