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Meri Durga 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri shouting Sanjay to come out of the fire. She wakes up from the dream. Her elder son asks what happened, did you see any bad dream. He goes to get water. She says Durga can’t snatch my prince, I have to keep Durga away. He gives her water. He asks her is she fine. Yashpal gets Durga to meet Rajveer. Durga gets shocked seeing him alive. She asks Rajveer to get up. Yashpal says he is not in senses. He says someone tried to kill Rana and did this. She gets shocked.

He says someone has planted bomb to kill Rana, he was called there. FB shows Rajveer getting a call and going. His friend comes there and asks where is Rana. Rajveer goes out of the parking lot, and hears people telling about killing Durga and him. He thinks who were they and calls Yashpal. He asks about Durga. He asks where is Durga, her life is in danger. Yashpal says I can’t hear you. Rajveer sees Sanjay stopping Durga and the bomb exploding. He falls down and gets hurt. Yashpal finds him. Rajveer says his life is in risk.

Yashpal calls a doctor and gets him treated. FB ends. He says I got his treatment so that he gets fine, Rana told me he had threat from someone, sarpanch was unlucky to come there. She asks who was that declared dead. He says he was Rana’s friend, Lord gives peace to him, I have said Rana died so that people who are trying to kill Rana will go away, we can get time to know about culprit, Rana would have got electrocuted in Bantu’s roka. He says we have to find out who is after his life and hide the truth that he is alive. Durga cries.

Durga thinks I did good to make Stella lose in challenge, Rana will get fine and train me. She gets threatening notes from the villagers. Sanjay calls her. He gets angry. Gayatr comes to him and says my love for you didn’t change, I m ready to accept Durga for your happiness. He says wow, seriously, I love you. She says but I have a condition. Durga calls everyone. The villagers protest against them. They get shocked.

Gayatri says I want to test Durga’s capabilities so that I can accept her, like Durga takes training for her race, I want her to take training from me to win you, I want to know will she learn our ways. The villagers boycott Durga. The family looks on worried. Gayatri says I want her to learn all the qualities that makes her suitable for our house, then it will be decided. She asks what happened, won’t she do this to win her life’s race. He says fine, I agree, I m sure she will win your heart in 7 days. He goes. Gayatri thinks I will make Durga out of Sanjay’s life. The villagers ask Durga and her family to die hungry or leave the village, they won’t let them stay here. Yashpal stops them and asks them to talk. The man scolds Yashpal for making Durga run and risking village’s respect.


Meri Durga 17th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Gayatri says I also feel Durga will win. Sanjay tells what’s happening in Durga’s house. The man says Durga should swear she will not take part in any race.

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