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Meri Durga 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with everyone giving honor to Durga. Durga smiles seeing her big life portrait. Everyone congratulate her and clap for her. Amrita says we will find a way. Madhav says what will I do if there is no way, my motive…. Durga thinks who did all these good arrangements. They ask her to cut the cake. Durga cuts the cake. She gets shocked seeing Sanjay. He offers her a piece of cake. Aarti smears the cake on Durga’s face and scolds her. She goes. Sanjay asks Durga to have the flowers. She reminds him the condition. She accepts flowers and smiles.

Amrita asks what motive. Madhav says to get you in my life and make you mine, I can’t live without you, I love you a lot. Amrita asks do you love me so much. Madhav says more than myself. Madhav thinks I hate you a lot. Sheela calls Amrita. She tells Annapurna that Madhav is a nice guy, we will convince Yashpal. She feeds sweets to Amrita and Madhav. She says I will also have sweets and break the fast. Shilpa thinks what happened to mum. Sheela feeds sweets to Shilpa. Madhav messages Dulaari that Sheela also agreed for marriage alliance.

Yashpal thinks to go to Durga’s school and find out, I will buy laptop after going there. He buys newspaper and reads. He does not see Durga’s pic. Shilpa meets Dulaari and laughs. She says its good you called in morning. FB shows Dulaari tells Sheela everything about Madhav’s plan to take revenge from Yashpal and Amrita. Sheela gets glad. Sheela asks who is Madhav. Dulaari says he is a nice guy, I made him mad, he is taking revenge for my insult, just help him in marriage, then see the drama. Sheela agrees. FB ends. She praises Dulaari. Subhadra comes to Yashpal.

She says Shri is good in studies, I was thinking to get her exam for scholarship, its on 14th. She shows him papers. He recalls Durga’s words. He thinks Durga wanted to tell this to me, great. Subhadra thinks Yashpal is thinking she is preparing for exam, but she is preparing for race, his hopes got high, when he sees she is running in race, his hopes will break, then I will get peace.

Durga asks Sanjay to convince Aarti. Sanjay asks Aarti not to get angry. Aarti sees Durga. Durga signs Sanjay. Sanjay and Durga try to convince Aarti. Kabhi kabhi aditi…..plays….. Aarti beats him. Other boy gets punched. They all dance around Aarti. Aarti smiles. Durga claps. Aarti says I know you can’t do all this. Durga signs Sanjay not to say. Sanjay says Durga did this. Aarti gets angry and says Durga kept the condition that you will have friendship with me, but I will have friendship with you when you don’t have friendship with Durga. Aarti and Durga leave.

Subhadra and Yashpal come home. She asks everyone what’s the problem. Dadi says nothing, come here and sit. Sheela says there is nothing to worry, tell him. Yashpal asks them what’s the matter. Annapurna says we all feel Madhav is right for Amrita. He gets shocked.


Meri Durga 18th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teacher tells Durga about scholarship exam. Rajveer tells her about state championship. Yashpal goes to ask about Madhav. The man tells him about Madhav’s relatives in Alekhpura village. Yashpal gets shocked.