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Meri Durga 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Meri Durga you will watch Pandit starts mantras. Durga comes there and stops them. Yashpal asks Dulaari what is this, tell me. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Brij going to see if Durga wake up. He says if Durga got up, she can see Amrita’s marriage. He knocks door and worries. Shilpa calls him out to open door. Brij opens the door and asks Shilpa how did she get locked. Shilpa says Durga locked me and run away. Brij asks why will Durga do so and worries. He goes to Yashpal and tells him that Durga is not at home, he has checked everywhere. Yashpal asks where did she go.

Pandit asks them to go ghatbandhan. Durga shouts stop this marriage. Everyone get shocked. Yashpal asks what’s this nonsense, what are you saying. Durga says I won’t say anything, just read it. Dulaari comes running and asks her to give the invitation card. Durga says I will not give it. She asks Yashpal to read it. Yashpal reads Rishi weds Pooja, on invitation card. Yashpal asks is this Pooja written. He asks Dulaari what’s this.

Everyone get shocked. Sheela holds head. Yashpal asks Brij to read. Brij asks Sheela. Yashpal says enough. He asks Dulaari what is this drama, tell me. Local Pandit says what will she say, if she had to say truth to you, she would have not cheated you. Pooja’s father/pandit Darshan asks local pandit Govind to leave. Govind says today none can stop me from saying truth. Darshan argues. Yashpal asks Sarpanch to ask them what’s happening. Sarpanch asks Govind to say the matter. Govind says I m also pandit and I honor my knowledge, Darshan is such knowledgeable, but he has small thinking, I met Durga in temple and got to know his truth. FB shows Durga telling pandit about Dulaari cheating Yashpal, Rishi does not love Amrita, he loves someone else. She shows him Rishi’s marriage invitation card. He gets the card Yashpal gave him. Durga says he is going to marry Pooja tomorrow. Pandit says no, not second marriage, its called Dedh shaadi. FB ends.

Govind tells everyone about Dedh Shaadi, Darshan told me about Pooja, who loves her childhood friend Rishi and wants to marry him, but Rishi has Dedh shaadi dosh in his kundli, Darshan did not wish to ruin Pooja’s life, so these two families wanted such family who get their daughter married to Rishi without asking anything. Everyone get shocked.

Govind says they wanted to find any weakness of innocent girl and then break the marriage by putting blame on her, I did not know they are breaking your family and ruining Amrita’s life, its good Durga came on time and told me Rishi and Dulaari’s truth, she told me about this fraud pandit Darshan. He asks Darshan to go and die.

Yashpal asks Durga how did she know this. Durga says since the rasam day, I wanted to tell you, you were angry that I ran in race and did not listen to me. Yashpal recalls. Durga says Amrita fell in love with Rishi and felt he also loves her. He just loves Pooja, don’t know how Amrita trusted her. She says they did all this to cheat Amrita, I had to stop this, my friends also thought I m wrong, but I started finding things to satisfy my heart. She tells how she visited Rishi’s village to know about him, she did not get any solid proof, when her friends supported her, they went to court and got to know a girl gets tiffin for Rishi every day, we have stolen the tiffin and tried finding out, we did not know much, Sheela got to know we went to court, you did not let me go out.

Sheela says I did not know why she went to court, she said she went to help her friend. Durga says I lied, how could I say without any proof, none would believe me, I left studies and ran, I thought you all would scold me, I tried to make Pooja and Rishi drink bhaang, so that they say truth, but it was no use, then I heard barber saying Rishi was going to marry someone else, I followed Rishi, Pooja’s neck has Rishi’s name tattoo also, I clicked picture, but it got deleted, don’t know how, when I wanted to expose Pooja in haldi, I saw engagement ring in Pooja’s chain, I went to jeweler to find out, Rishi’s friends caught us and made jeweler run away, I got hidden in temple and got this card, then I spoke to pandit. She cries. Yashpal says you did amazing thing, you have done so much for Amrita, and see I could not do anything being her father. They all cry.

Yashpal says I never heard Durga, she tried to tell me, she asked me to listen to me, I did not listen, she saved my house from getting ruining, I slapped on her face, look at her, she is so little and saved our house. Yashpal and Durga cry. He hugs Durga and apologizes. Brij feels ashamed and apologizes. He says I could not check well before getting this proposal. Yashpal gets angry and says this did not happen good. He stares at Rishi.


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