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Meri Durga 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Madhav about the idols. The officer scolds Madhav. Billu comes and acts, saying its a fraud with villagers, he showed us fake idol and took our hardearned money, we want our money back. The people get angry on Madhav. Amrita worries. Billu insults Madhav and says we should blacken his face. The man gets black ink and goes to blacken Madhav’s face. Amrita cries and runs. She pushes the man and stands in front of Madhav.

Yashpal opens the box and gets shocked seeing the idol. Durga recalls keeping the notebook. Her friend asks her to start writing the project. Durga says I won’t do it again, I will find the book, when will I practice for race. They look for book. Sanjay has the book and smiles, thinking Durga will fall in his feet.

Billu says this girl is supporting Madhav. They all move Amrita. The man goes to blacken Madhav’s face. Billu smiles. Officer stops the man and gives some time to Madhav to get real idol back, else he will do police complaint to get real idol. Billu says but he is thief.

Teacher complains to principal about Durga. Durga says someone has stolen my book. Teacher asks her not to make excuse. Durga says I completed my project. Principal says you have no proof. Teacher says I want that project complete, else she should not participate in competition. Sanjay and Aarti hear this and smile. Durga worries.

Billu taunts Madhav. Madhav raises hand. Billu asks him to go jail and show attitude. He tells Madhav that he has taken revenge from him.

Madhav says you are still a coward, let’s see who goes jail. Billu goes. Madhav asks Amrita why did she tell Annapurna. Amrita says but she did not tell anyone. He says I know, but maybe someone heard, who told media and villagers, Amrita you don’t know it can be big problem. Yashpal comes there with the box. Madhav says I was going jail, I will lose job, how shall I find that idol. Yashpal thinks to give idol to Madhav and solve the matter. His phone rings.

The man says I reached village, meet me with the jewelry box, I will give you money. Yashpal thinks will it be right to hide this truth from Madhav. He says what am I thinking, I have to give this idol to Madhav, I can’t steal. He sees a book there and thinks Durga got admission in good school. He turns to go. Madhav sees Yashpal and says you here, did you have any work.


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Yashpal says this box has my friend’s belongings, what talk was going on. Amrita says something imp about workshop. Yashpal goes. Durga runs and meets Rajveer. She thinks not to tell him about project problem, she can solve this. He asks her not to worry for her speed, she will run faster. He shows her friend, a tyre. She asks him to think she is a little girl, this will be heavy. He says your legs will have more stamina by this.

Madhav says I did not get the idol, trust me, I did not steal the idol. Amrita asks them to give some more time to find idol. Inspector scolds Madhav for spoiling village’s name and arrests him. Durga runs. Rajveer encourages her. Durga falls on the finishing line. Rajveer gets glad. He signs her thumbs up. She smiles.


Meri Durga 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga sees Yashpal with the box and thinks why is he worried. Madhav gets arrested. Yashpal gives the box and takes money.

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