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Meri Durga 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with everyone celebrating the dahi handi festival. Durga’s friends say our Durga will run. The groups come. The first group makes a pyramid. Bantu climbs the pyramid. Bantu and SRK try again. Shilpa says if SRK loses this time, I will not let him enter house. Sheela says I think this time he will lose the house, I will not let Durga win. Manohar says I don’t think they can win, Durga the champion will break dahi handi, she is the pride of our village. The girls group come. Manohar says let Durga come and then see, where is Durga.

Amrita says its fun to see Durga breaking matki. She hears sound and sees Rajveer fallen. Rajveer picks the medicines with difficulty. Amrita helps Rajveer and says what’s the need to open medical store, don’t lie, I have seen this myself. She scolds him and does the aid to his wound. He says its not needed. She says we have to call doctor if you do this, lie down. Rajveer looks at her. He says you are Durga’s sister Amrita right. She says yes.

He says Durga used to talk a lot about you, I have to get fine, Durga’s practice is starting tomorrow. She says you will get fine, take rest now. She goes. Durga comes to break the matki. She climbs the pyramid. Shilpa says I will see how she breaks matki. Shilpa adds oil in the water bucket. She throws on the group. They all fall down. Durga tries again. Everyone cheers for Durga. Shilpa pours water on her. Durga falls down again. Sanjay comes there and says Matki will break when Krishna comes. Durga recalls his words. Go go govinda…..plays……Sanjay and Durga run to the pyramid and climb. Shilpa tries making them fall. Sanjay and Durga reach the top of the pyramid. He holds her hand. Manohar says its the first time, that two people climbed to break matki together. Durga sees Sanjay.

Gayatri is in a function. A man asks him about Sanjay. She says these generation guys don’t understand puja rituals, I don’t pressurize them. She thinks where is Prince. An industralist tells her about his work and asks her to help. She helps the industrialist.

He helps her. She refuses to take money from him. Neelkant gets a call and asks the goon to find Rana, if he died, then get his dead body and show me. Gayatri looks on. She stops her elder bahu and says I m much hurt when something is hidden from me in my house, did you think I don’t know this, I identify real and fake humans, won’t I identify real and fake rings. She gives her the fake ring. Neelkant looks on. Gayatri taunts her bahu, and sees Neelkant. Bahu says the ring was tight so I thought…..Gayatri says I won’t ask any reason, I will meet you tomorrow, you have to go and repent for sin in temple. She goes.

Sanjay says everyone will say Durga lost. Durga says I will break my record, you won’t get my forgiveness. He says forgive me fast, else you will lose my precious friendship and this Matki. She says I don’t want your friendship, leave my hand. Everyone cheers for Durga. Sanjay and Durga hit the Matki together and break it. The pyramid falls down. Sanjay holds Durga and holds the rope. Yashpal asks someone to save them, get a ladder. Sanjay and Durga come down. The man says Sanjay saved Durga. Yashpal thanks Sanjay and says you saved her. Sanjay says don’t say thanks, I should be sorry for misunderstanding Durga, sorry for that day, I misbehaved with you, I would have not known her truth. Yashpal says its okay. Durga says no need to listen to him, come. Sanjay clicks her pic and smiles.


Meri Durga 19th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gayatri pours water on her bahu’s head and says I hope you remember this morning. Sanjay and Sam argue and get into a fight. Durga looks on and worries.

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