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Meri Durga 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 18th March 2017 video watch online on 

In this episode of Meri Durga you will watch Amrita locks herself in room. Annapurna faints in tension. Subhadra asks Yashpal and Brij to break the door. Durga enters by window. Stay Tune with us .

The Episode starts wit Yashpal going to Rishi. He pushes him. Durga’s friends give tomatoes to everyone. Yashpal asks Dulaari and Rishi to leave with their family. Durga’s friends stop Dulaari adn says your bidaai is still left. They all throw tomatoes on Dulaari and family. Everyone smile. Yashpal hugs Amrita and Durga, and cries. Sarpanch and all guests leave.

Amrita locks herself in room. Everyone knock the door. Brij looks at Sheela angrily. Subhadra asks them to break the door. Annapurna faints in tension. Sheela asks Shilpa and Bantu how did Durga run away. Yashpal and Brij try to break the door. Durga takes a stick and passes it via window to open the door chain. Durga gets inside the room. She sees Amrita sitting sad. She goes to everyone and says calm down, Amrita is fine, she is changing clothes, she asked everyone to leave her alone. Subhadra asks them to come.

Rajveer comes there looking for Durga. He says I did not see Durga in Alekhpura, I can just get her here. He asks the lady is this Yashpal’s house. The lady says yes, his daughter’s marriage broke, the family is worried, from whose side are you. He says I m not relative, I came from far. The lady says the family is in big shock. He says I understand, I m in hurry, I m finding a girl, her name is… She says you are not ashamed to find girl in this situation. He says you are mistaken. She says I know men like you, if I get angry, I will get anger on you. He thinks he can’t wait, he has to go back to school, else his job will get in risk. She asks him to leave.

Durga is with Amrita. Rajveer leaves. Dadi says I told you to check groom’s family once, Yashpal you were after Durga’s studies, you gave responsibility to Brij and worked after Durga, see the result, Amrita was your daughter, not Brij’s, Brij has no sense to know people, if he has sense, he would have not had this burden since many years. She cries for Amrita.

Everyone cry. Subhadra asks Dadi not to cry. Dadi says none will ask who had fault, everyone will point at Amrita. Amrita thinks of Rishi. Durga removes her bangles. Amrita cries and says why did this happen with me. Durga hugs her. She says when I got to know about Rishi, I asked Lord why did this happen with you, you are brave, don’t cry, you make things on your own, you don’t need anything, you are always happy, we got to know your talents because of this marriage. She talks to Amrita and makes her smile.

Subhadra asks Dadi to forget it, else how will we help Amrita forget it. Dadi says Amrita will be crying. Subhadra says let her cry, her heart broke, she is upset. Her husband says Subhadra is right, let her cry, her life was ruining. Amrita comes with Durga. Amrita says my life got saved. She hugs Annapurna and Dadi. Dadi apologizes. Amrita says don’t apologize, it was written in fate, my fate is not so bad that I cry for one relation, I got a loving sister, who risked her life and saved my life from ruining, when you all are with me, why do I need false relations, I m fine.

Yashpal apologizes for leaving big thing on others. He says I will not let things loose in your matter. Amrita says if you want to do anything for me, give me some time for next alliance. Dadi says no. Subhadra says Amma stop. Amrita says we shall have food now, Durga and I are hungry, she did not eat anything. They all smile.

Brij packs Sheela’s bag. Sheela says I will not leave from this house. He scolds her. He says you fixed Amrita’s relation with cheaters to take revenge. She says I did not know Dulaari’s truth. He says enough, you always lie, I did not know you have poison in heart, you broke my trust. Shilpa and Bantu come and ask Brij not to send mummy, we will go along. Sheela lies and acts innocent. She cries. He says this house peace went because of you today, if I get to know you try to harm Yashpal and family, I will drop you to rail track. He goes. Sheela gets angry and says Durga is the problem, I will see her, Yashpal is proud of her, his pride will break now.

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