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Meri Durga 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 19th April 2017 Watch Online Full Episode on

The Episode starts with Madhav coming office. Manager says its good you came on time and gave presentation well, how did you get later. Madhav sees Amrita and taunts her. He says this art is called pot painting. Amrita says I know, see this. Madhav says colors are bright, use simple colors in it, like in that painting. She says its traditional art, bright colors suit pots. He asks you think you know more than me about colors. She says maybe yes, I m an artist, I know more about colors. He drops the pot and breaks it.

She gets angry. He asks her to color pots well, else he won’t give another chance. He says none will return home without ending work, am I clear, good luck. He goes. Durga cries seeing Yashpal going. Yashpal cries and thinks Durga will be sad, I did not talk to her well. Durga thinks I met him after long time, sorry I have hurt your heart. He feels sorry to hurt her. She says I know getting good marks are imp, what’s the use after studying. She recalls Rajveer’s words and eats jalebis.

Durga runs to school and asks about Rajveer. She goes to him. She asks about the marks given if she runs in the race. He asks her to listen carefully and not run away. She apologizes. He says real talent is wanted by schools, as the athletes makes a school name shine. She asks what’s my use, tell me about marks. He says when you work hard and get trophy for school, school will give you something in return, school will give you good marks, when you win race competition for school, and then district level, school will give you marks happily. She asks after how many races. He says after winning three races. She smiles.

Aarti looks on from far. Rajveer says you will get 5 marks. She asks in all subjects? He says yes, in all subjects. She asks in every test? He says greed is bad, you will get marks in half yearly and annual, best student in sports gets trophy from school, your parents will be so happy. Durga thanks him and thinks of Yashpal. She says I will pass any way now, I will work hard and run well, I want Yashpal’s blessings. She smiles seeing Rajveer. She runs. Rajveer smiles.

Shilpa comes to meet Madhav. Suraj hua maddham….plays……….. Madhav comes to her. She smiles. She asks him to save her mum, none cares for her. She acts. Her friend looks on and smiles. Madhav asks how much money she wants. He asks manager to get money from his drawer. Amrita asks for Madhav.

Madhav holds Shilpa. Amrita gets shocked seeing them. Durga comes home. Subhadra asks where were you. Durga thinks why should I say I met Yashpal and I told real marks to Amrita, Subhadra will scold me. She says I went where Shri goes to study, I had food, I m not hungry. Amma cries in pain. Subhadra asks who will manage Amma now. Durga says I will manage.

Milk delivery guy comes. Durga helps Subhadra. The man says I will just give milk in morning, I won’t come in evening. Subhadra says who will wake up early morning. She sees Durga and says she will wake up. Madhav asks Shilpa’s friend to make her bindi right. Shilpa gets upset. Madhav gives money to Shilpa. He says you can tell me if you need more. Shilpa goes. Amrita calls her out. Madhav sees Amrita and goes.

Durga makes garlic oil and recalls Yashpal and Amrita, who cured her pain by using that oil. She does massage to Dadi. Dadi says I m feeling better now, I told so bad things to you, you came to do massage. Durga says my dad says we can leave someone in happiness, but not in sorrow, you are in pain, how can I leave you, I can find good things in bad, I can do work here as daughter, I don’t care if anyone thinks of me as maid. Dadi smiles. Durga thinks I will pass in exam with good marks.


Meri Durga 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Yashpal gets angry seeing Madhav and Shilpa. Rajveer asks the girls to run faster than bullet. Durga runs. Durga thinks who has kept the blanket here. Subhadra sees her.

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