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Meri Durga 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 19th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Meri Durga you will watch Amrita asks Durga to write exam well. Durga writes her exam. Stay Tune With us for more Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Durga trying to feed food to Amrita. Yashpal comes and helps her. Durga feeds Amrita. Yashpal feeds Durga. He says like children have to agree to parents, parents should also agree to children. Durga asks him not to worry. Amrita says your time got waste, don’t know you will pass or not. Durga says I will surely pass, I will not let Yashpal’s efforts go waste. Sheela says I will cut Durga’s thread. Shilpa asks her to teach lesson to Durga. Sheela beats them.

Brij sits drinking and thinks of Yashpal. Its morning, Brij sees Amrita working. He asks her is she so annoyed that she will not talk to him. He talks of her childhood. He asks her to say how to make everything fine. Amrita takes him to his room. Brij cries. Yashpal looks on. Amrita cries. Brij says forgive me,don’t cry. Yashpal sees Amrita crying and cries. He goes to Durga and wakes her up. She hugs him and says don’t worry. Hanuman came in dream and promised to make my exam good, he will send good groom for Amrita. He asks her to focus on exam. She goes to get ready.

Yashpal pays the money to the people. He says you know what happened, I will come to your shop and pay soon. The men leave. Yashpal asks Annapurna not to worry. Yashpal asks Durga did she keep all the things. Durga says yes. Amrita feeds her curd and asks her to study well. Yashpal and Durga leave.

Sheela says I did good arrangements, but Durga ruined my plan, I have to cut your roots first. Durga checks seat number. She goes to Yashpal and says my seat is not near window, I will focus on paper. He says its imp for us, its my exam also, I failed in making Amrita’s life good, you save me from failing. He hugs her.

Yashpal and Durga hear teacher telling about marriage incident. Yashpal asks Durga to write exam well. She makes his badge proper. Durga’s friend’s mum tells Yashpal to think that Amrita got saved, don’t feel bad of anything, everything will be fine. Teacher asks Yashpal did you give 70000rs to those cheaters, did money got saved or not. Yashpal thinks of giving it to Dulaari.

The man comes to Annapurna and says I have to take tent etc, move the electronics, else it will get spoiled. She says fine. Durga checks questions. She writes the exam. Annapurna and Amrita see the mandap and tent getting removed. Annapurna cries. Amrita says its fine, nothing happened and hugs her. Yashpal hears teachers talking about principal’s son, he was mischievous, principal sent him to boarding school. Yashpal asks what’s boarding. Teacher tells him about residential school, principal’s son got smart and studious. Yashpal thinks Durga should pass exams and became a govt officer, my dream will be fulfilled.

Meri Durga 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga and her friends cheer Amrita by dancing. Sheela argues with everyone. She asks for house division. Everyone get shocked.

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