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Meri Durga 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay saying I can’t move back now, if you don’t come, mum will think you got scared, I know you can do this, try to understand. Aarti looks on and smiles. Durga says I have to clear the stain on me, my family has gone through a lot, they need me, I have to be with them, sorry I can’t do this. Shilpa counts money. She says villagers are not giving ration. Bantu says the grains got over. Brij asks her to stop it. She says how much shall we bear because of Durga. Dadi asks her to have shame. Shilpa says how will ration come. Yashpal asks her not to worry, they are one family. Shilpa argues. He thinks to arrange food for family.

Sanjay asks is our love not imp. Durga says I can’t keep any other dream ahead of my dream. Aarti thinks Durga and SP’s relation ends. Durga says I have to go and get district championship form. Sanjay holds her hand. She goes and gets form. She thinks to talk to Sanjay. Aarti makes her fall. The form falls in water bucket. Durga argues with her. She calls Durga foolish. Durga asks her not to dream to make SP away. She says you didn’t love anyone, so you don’t know none can break strong relations. Aarti says you have annoyed SP and his mum, which he will never tolerate, I know him since childhood. Durga says I felt you regard me enemy, but you proved me wrong by helping me. Aarti thinks she is crazy. Durga changes the form at counter.

Sanjay goes home. Gayatri says Durga didn’t come right. He says she lost Rana sir and have many problems at home, she would have come if I told her. She asks him to say she refused to come. She says I would have seen her if she came here. She thinks its tough to make Durga out of his heart, but Durga did this herself. Durga comes there. Pandit asks Gayatri to keep house door open so that Devi Durga’s footsteps come in. Sanjay opens the door and sees Durga. He asks her to come in. She comes in. She gets shocked seeing Durga. Durga says I came to meet your mum. Pandit asks Gayatri to start aarti. Gayatri does aarti. She makes Durga wait. Durga gets shocked seeing her.

Gayatri says I have met you before in hospital, I have seen you when you had run in race with Stella, I m sorry you lost your coach. Durga apologizes to her.

Gayatri asks why. Durga says you wanted me to come here and learn your house rules, but sorry I can’t come, I have district race, its imp to run. Gayatri says yes, you are sports person, your game is imp than relations, its your passion to win in race track than life. Durga says I feel winning and losing is just in game, not life, this race is imp for me. Gayatri wishes her all the best. She gives her walnut as prasad. She taunts Durga. Durga thinks of some idea. She breaks the walnut in the door. Sanjay thinks Durga has much smartness. Durga says till there is wish to learn and teach, everything is possible, after race ends, I will come and learn all your rules, SP is very imp for me, his happiness matters to me a lot. Sanjay smiles. Durga prays and goes. Gayatri thinks to make Durga away from SP.


Meri Durga 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga asks Sanjay will Gayatri accept her. He asks her not to worry. Dadi asks for water and faints.

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