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Meri Durga 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Yashpal asking Durga to wake up. Durga says formulae in sleep. He smiles and asks what were you saying, wake up, is that maths. Durga says I m a good girl. I will study very harder. She asks what. She tells in hindi. He says good, if you work hard, this hardwork will save you from all problems, education has strength. Durga says I will study hard, Sankranti is coming, I will not see the kites. Annapurna asks Yashpal could he stay without Durga. He says no, you all are my strength, make Durga ready, else she will get late. He gives her money. Annapurna asks how did he get money. He says you keep this, everything will get fine once marriage date comes. She says I m scared to keep much money. He says even I feel afraid, I will give this to pandit.

Durga is on the way and

says maths formulae. She sees kites in sky and says don’t trouble me, don’t call me, I have become nice girl now. Some boys run to catch kite and asks Durga to get it. Durga says I don’t want your 10rs, go run after your kite, I m not bad girl, I will run after studies now. She comes to school. She tells her friends that she learnt all algebra equations. She forgets equations and says wait, I remember. She cries. Her friends say don’t cry, you can memorize again.

Yashpal talks to a peon and says I got teacher’s fav dish today. Peon asks do you want to get more marks for Durga. Yashpal says no, such marks are useless, Durga will earn her marks, she has to focus. He takes out kerchief and money falls down his pocket. Yashpal says poor man just has goodness, if I m good, my children will become good. The peon calls him cow and goes. Yashpal laughs and goes. A girl picks money and sees Yashpal. She says that’s Durga’s dad, I will not give money, Durga moves me from my place, I will show her real place now. She goes to class and asks Durga to sit, no need to leave. Durga sees maths as demon laughing. The girl hides money in book. Durga’s friends console her. Yashpal asks the teacher to focus on Durga, and thanks him. The teacher eats the dish and says fine, I will see.

Yashpal goes out and realizes there is no cash in his pocket. He gets worried and looks everywhere. He tells teacher that his money is lost. Teacher asks him to check outside. Yashpal checks and asks sweeper about money. He panics and looks for money in junk leaves. He sits crying. Peon asks Yashpal why is he crying. Yashpal says 2100rs, pandit dakshina, it fell down, what will I do now, I checked everywhere, maybe it fell outside school while driving cycle. He goes all way back to look on the road.

The lady teacher sees Durga not focussing and asks her to read. Durga’s friends try to help Durga. Teacher scolds Durga and says you spoiled the studious boy as well, get out. The girl smiles.

Yashpal tells Annapurna that people will laugh on me if I tell them, I could not manage money, Amrita should not know this, her heart will break. He cries in worry. The studious boy says if we are supporting Durga, it does not mean we leave studies, if she does not understand, shall I leave studies, shall I fail for her, she is my friend, I m going to study, you guys bear her. The man plays radio. Ek dusre se karte hai pyaar hum…..plays……….. The other boys sing the song and stop the studious boy from leaving. The studious boy joins them and says I will help Durga, she will become studious girl.

Yashpal goes to a construction site and asks for some work. The man says I can’t give any work. Yashpal says I can do any work. The man asks him to go to some man, he will pay 200rs daily wage. Yashpal thanks him and goes to meet the other man. He asks for some work and says I will not give you any reason to complain. The man hires Yashpal. Yashpal does the labor work. Durga sits studying. Yeh hounsla…..plays………. Durga sleeps. Amrita moves the book. Its morning, Durga’s friend asks Durga to study in Dadi’s room, you won’t get sleep by Dadi’s snoring. Durga applies this idea and studies at night in Dadi’s room.

Yashpal works at construction work. Durga studies and does not see the kites. Amrita asks Yashpal to take bath, and keeps water for him. Yashpal goes. The man gives money to Yashpal. Yashpal thanks him. The man says you are doing good work. Yashpal comes home. His hands get burnt by work at site. Annapurna sees his hands and asks what did this happen…..

Meri Durga 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Durga tells her friend Manohar that she will not celebrate Sankranti, and even they should not celebrate. Amrita gets dizzy and faints. Annapurna runs to her. Yashpal says how did she get attack after so many years.

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