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Meri Durga 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga’s friend calling principal. Durga goes. Rajveer says race will begin soon, where is Durga. Sanjay flashes mirror on Rajveer. He says see how I punish Durga, I don’t see her anywhere. Kuljit comes. Rajveer hopes none did any mischief. Kuljit’s dad asks Rajveer did Durga know she is going to lose, or did you explan her, so she did not come till now. Rajveer goes. Durga says I m not going in race, I won’t get grace marks, if I go, dad’s job will go, can’t I get a day for him. Principal comes and asks who are you. He removes the cap and says Durga….

Rajveer waits for Durga. Durga apologizes to principal and says sorry, if I did not come, you would have removed dad from school, he has dengue, how can he come for work, he loves his job, please don’t fire him, I promise I will come for work till he gets fine. Principal says Yashpal is blessed to get a selfless daughter. He asks her not to worry, I will manage, you go and don’t spoil studies, no one will fire Yashpal from job, I promise. She says thanks, you are very nice. He blesses her. He rings the bell. Durga thinks there is some time left, maybe I can run in race.

Manohar asks Durga to run. Durga runs. Manohar asks her to win and come. Durga reaches bus stop and waits for the bus. The man says bus will leave after an hour. Durga says I can’t wait more, Rajveer will be worried, I have to do something. Rajveer says sorry, I have to go your house today to know why you did not come for race till now. He leaves on his bike. She says I have to reach race any way. She tries to get lift. She says I have to reach before race starts. She does not get lift. Rajveer sees her on the way and asks her to sit fast. She smiles. They leave.

Madhav sees Amrita. They work. She thinks of his proposal. She apologizes to him. She says its not my mistake, something happened with me that I can’t trust anyone. He asks what happened with you. She recalls Rishi. She says my marriage happened before, but that relation broke on marriage day, my family and I have gone through much embarrassment. He gets shocked. She says none can control heart, I have given it to you, even then I have fear in my heart, its tough for me to lessen this fear, forgive me. She cries. She tells him everything how Durga stopped her marriage with Rishi. Madhav sees Rishi and Amrita’s pic.

The race is about to begin. Kuljit gets ready. Rajveer gets Durga. He says sorry for coming late. Durga is just coming. The students cheer for Durga. Durga comes for the race. Kuljit’s dad Satnaam and Rajveer wish each their all the best. Sanjay is ready to flash mirror on Durga. The race begins. Durga runs. The sky gets cloudy. Sanjay looks for sunlight. Durga and Kuljit run. Amrita makes a painting. She gets a note. Madhav gets a call and says yes I remember why I came here, I did not forget anything, very soon it will be done.

Yashpal looks for his uniform. Principal calls him. Yashpal says I m better now, I will come on work soon, don’t fire me. Principal says whatever Durga did today, your job has no risk, she came here as peon. Yashpal gets shocked. Principal says don’t worry, you should be proud of you, she came wearing your uniform to do your work, so that none is given your job, you are lucky to get a daughter like her, she left studies and came here, I did not give your job to anyone, come back on work after getting fine. Yashpal says you did so much for me, you have grown up and cries. He blesses Durga.

Durga and Kuljit lead in the race. Durga recalls Rajveer’s words. Durga stumbles. Everyone gets shocked. Durga picks it and runs. Rajveer cheers for her. Durga and Kuljit get close to the finishing line.

Meri Durga 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Madhav apologizes to Amrita. Durga runs in the race. Rajveer says this is not practice, its torture. Satnaam scolds him.