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Meri Durga 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Durga thinking why did that guy not come here. She prays to Lord to help her, else Dadi will know I made fake shadow, then Yashpal will not leave me. Dadi sees the shadow and hears Durga’s voice. She says Yashpal slapped her and she has become machine, she is studying well. Durga waits for the guy. The shop vendor asks her to leave. She cries.

Rishi comes there and buys cigarette. Durga sees him and hides. Sheela says its beautiful ring. Amrita sees price and says its very costly. Sheela says we are in jeweler’s shop, it will be costly, we can’t insult Dulaari by giving cheap ring. Annapurna says we will buy clothes first and then come here. Sheela says see this ring, after Durga’s insult, is it good to annoy them. Subhadra agrees with Sheela and says we have to give them good ring, else Amrita will pay price for it, shall I pay for it. Yashpal says no need, and pays for ring. Sheela says its good start.

Durga says maybe the guys were saying about Amrita. She hides and sees Rishi. Rishi gets a call and answers. The man asks Durga are you hiding from him, have gola else… She buys a gola. Rishi talks to his friends and leaves. She says it means he is going to meet friend, if I follow him, I may get late, what to do, if I think much, I will get more late. She gives gola to a boy and runs.

Yashpal and Annapurna decide clothes for Dulaari and her sister. Amrita shows costly dress to Shilpa. She sees Shilpa gone and cries. Subhadra asks her to calm down. Sheela beats Bantu and sits crying. Yashpal asks where is Shilpa. Bantu says I don’t know, I was feeling hungry and went to food court. Yashpal says Shilpa will be here, come with me. Shilpa gets lost in the mall. She sees the pretty girls and gets jealous.

Shilpa roams around. She slips and a guy holds her. She smiles. Suraj hua maddham….plays…………He says you were falling. He says yes, I m fallen. He asks are you fine, did you come alone or with someone. She says family, they are lost. He says I think you are lost. She says yes.

Durga follows Rishi and collides with veg vendor. She turns and Rishi does not see her. Rishi goes to a garage and meets his friends. They say there is a surprise for you. Rishi asks what is it. Pooja comes there. They say this is your surprise. Rishi romances with Pooja. Durga comes there and looks for Rishi. She gets shocked seeing Rishi with those guys. Rishi asks the guys to stop laughing. They tell about Rishi’s kundli dosh, you are enjoying with Amrita and Pooja.

Rishi says I love one, and I find tough to bear Amrita. Durga could not hear their talk. Pooja argues with Rishi. Rishi asks her to relax. She says I will not leave Amrita if you marry her. Durga keeps hand on some machine. Machine starts and water starts flowing. They all hear sound and turn to see. Durga gets worried.

Meri Durga 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Durga hides inside a van. Seat falls over her. Rishi and her friends look inside the van. Sheela and Yashpal see Shilpa holding a guy’s hand. Yashpal goes inside the room to see Durga.

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