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Meri Durga 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga asking how did you know my name. Sanjay says watchman told me on intercom. She goes. He dances. Gayatri and Neelkant come there and ask Sanjay what’s this disguise. Sanjay lies about fancy dress competition. She wishes him all the best. She tells Neelkant that Rana will leave the work today. Sanjay says Durga will tell her feelings to me today.

Durga comes in the function and thinks to get everyone’s entries. She calls Yashpal. He comes and asks her to see his clothes. She says you are looking very good. She calls Annapurnna. Annapurna feels shy and stumbles. Durga says you look very pretty. She calls Rana Sir. Yashpal asks why are you calling him, he is not at home. She says he is not even answering, why did you let him go, did he go to drink wine, no. She prays. Dadi comes and says what is all this, black color clothes on such a special occasion. Durga compliments her.

Brij and Sheela come. Sheela compliments Dadi and says its good there is no Dada of girl, else they can take you. Dadi asks her to control tongue. Sheela says its my son’s roka. Brij compliments Yashpal. They hug. Shilpa comes and asks how do I look. Dadi says you have worn short clothes. Sheela compliments Shilpa. Bantu comes. Shilpa’s husband comes. She asks him to wear suit right. Durga waits for Sanjay’s reply. Brij asks where are the Samdhis. The girl and her family come. Sheela introduces their family. Rajveer comes home. Durga says I was so worried for you. The goons look at him. Rajveer says I went to get a gift for your brother. Durga says how sweet. He asks her to give it. Roka rasam is done. Goons keep an eye on Rajveer. Sheela tells them that they will dance now. Everyone wear masks and dance on Lets nacho. Durga thinks SP has come and comes to Rajveer. She gets shocked seeing him. Goons keep an eye on Rajveer. Sanjay comes in the party and holds Durga. She senses him. He goes away.

Sanjay smiles seeing her. She looks for him. Sanjay comes to her. They have a dance in imagination. Janam janam…..plays….. She says maybe its a dream. Sanjay holds her hand and says you are my dream and I m your reality, its me SP. She removes his mask and sees him. She takes him out. She asks why did you not meet me knowing I wanted to take you. He says I know everything how you got restless to talk to me, you came home by excuse to give Bantu’s invitation card, I have seen you. She asks why did you not meet me then. He says yes, like you have sensed me without seeing me, impressive. She says fine, you know everything, why did you make me wait, don’t you have a heart. He says I have a heart, but I wanted to see if you have a heart, if you have, then can you hear your heart, now I understood you listen to heart but doesn’t want to understand, try to understand.


Meri Durga 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjay says I won’t stop you, go Durga. Lights fall on them. Goons fix current in shagun plate and send Rajveer to get it.

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