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Meri Durga 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 20th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Durga thinking how to reach the race. She asks her friends to think something. They all go out via the window. They go to the terrace. Durga says I can’t walk on one leg by falling. They think of some other way. Durga prays. They get an idea and make rope by the sarees. They get down the terrace. Durga goes first. Chori to bilanki…. plays………….. They think how to hide it. The boy says Durga win and buy glasses for your dad, I will get beaten up by my mumma, come. They leave. They hide seeing Bantu.

Brij calls Bantu and asks about car. Bantu says bus has come. Yashpal says women will take time to get ready. Brij says they always do wrong. Durga worries and waits till her family goes. Bansi asks if we get late, how will Durga get her dad’s glasses. They hide behind the mirror and pass by Yashpal. Everyone leave to reach bus. Bantu sees himself in mirror. Durga and her friends hide. Brij calls Bantu. Durga tells address to man. Durga and her friends run away. They reach the race ground. The man announces the games in the competition. Coach comes there and sees registration camp.

He thinks of Durga. Durga runs in the fields. The man says girls registration closes now, is there anyone else. Coach looks on. He says when will she come, I m waiting. Yashpal and everyone are on the way in the bus. They sing and clap. Durga runs in front of the bus. Yashpal does not see her. Shri misses Durga. Bantu says very soon she will fail and live with you. Amrita says no, she is working hard and will pass. Sheela thinks I will make Durga busy in work and then she will not be able to study, Yashpal’s dreams will break.

Coach tells the man to wait for some time, more girls can come, keep boys race first. The man says less girls come, we will keep boys race at the end. Coach says the race is so that it shows kids talent, not to entertain chief guest. The man says the parents are waiting for girls race to end, to take girls back home. Coach worries. Durga asks for game ground and a man directs her. The bus stops near race ground. The driver says I will check bus, don’t go anywhere. Coach asks the man to inform him if any girl comes. He says maybe she will come late. Durga comes there. Coach goes to ground.

She sees the boys and says I m scared. The boy says your legs have wheels, if you run slow, you will win. Her friends encourage her. She goes ahead. Yashpal reminds Subhadra and Brij their childhood days. Subhadra asks for milk. Baby jokes on her. Yashpal goes to get milk. Durga eats food at stall. The man asks her to go for registration first. Durga goes to register. The man says registration ended, as no girl was coming, and we had to start race. They think to go there. The man says there is a place empty in junior athlete race.


Meri Durga 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :The men talk about the girl running faster than boys. Coach smiles. Yashpal goes to see. Durga runs ahead of boys.

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