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Meri Durga 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga asking Dadi if everyone is sad even today. Dadi says Yashpal got to know something about Madhav, he will come and tell us. Yashpal comes and tells everyone that he found out about Madhav, he is an orphan, he said right, I m proud of Amrita, I feel Madhav is right guy for Amrita. They all smile. Durga keeps her bag. The book falls. The letter falls out. Yashpal says I m lucky father, both my daughters are good. Brij congratulates Yashpal. Durga hugs Amrita. Durga sees the letter flying to Subhadra. Subhadra picks it. Durga stops her from reading it. Subhadra asks what’s inside, can’t I read it.

Subhadra reads the letter sent by Sanjay. Durga gets relieved. She checks Sanjay’s letter and takes it. She goes. Subhadra thinks why was Durga so restless, I have to find out. Everyone gets happy. Madhav sees Amrita and smiles.

Durga comes to school. She practices. Rajveer and all the students look on. Sanjay smiles. Durga says I don’t want to rest now, I have to work hard and make you lose. Rajveer says you will win, when you win race tomorrow, everyone will take your name Durga….. come I want to show you something. Sanjay thinks to get a special gift for Durga, its special day for Durga tomorrow.

Amrita and Dadi buy vegetables and bargain. Lady taunts on Amrita for trapping Madhav. Dadi scolds the lady. Lady asks what wrong did I say, I said truth, I think her bad character was responsible for her first marriage breaking, everyone knows about Amrita and Madhav’s love story, she has no shame.

Dadi shouts enough, you are saying a lot, I will not leave you, Amrita and Madhav’s marriage got fixed. Lady says they will say this to stop the name from spoiling, Amrita’s first marriage broke, it won’t matter if second one also breaks, the girl is already enjoying. Dadi says Amrita’s marriage with Madhav will happen soon. She answers the lady.

Yashpal says you did right to save the family name, we have to do marriage soon, I have no problem with it, if everyone is supporting, we can manage. Brij says yes, don’t worry, we will manage and do Amrita’s marriage grand way. Yashpal thanks Brij. He asks Brij to manage the expenses, calculate it. He asks Annapurna to make list of gifts for guests, I had to tell one small thing, Durga has her exam, we will not tell this to her, she will lose focus.

Sheela thinks Amrita’s marriage is after a week, they will get insulted. Brij asks Amrita is she happy. Amrita says yes. They all smile. Sanjay prepares a gift for Durga. Aarti asks where were you. Sanjay says I had some work and asks for Durga. The boy says she went home, how will we give her gift. Sanjay says I have to give her gift today itself, even if I have to go her home. Aarti says you are bad, you broke your promise. Sanjay says no, I will give her gift without talking.

Durga and Shri come home. Durga asks why did you all stop talking seeing me. Yashpal says nothing, you go and change, have food. Shri does not meet Subhadra and stays annoyed. Sanjay asks for Durga’s address. He meets Durga’s friends and says I came from Bhiwani, I got a gift for her, tell me where is her house. He introduces himself. They get shocked.


Meri Durga 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rajveer shows the race track to Durga. Durga smiles. She gets a note. Yashpal asks Shri where is Durga. He gets the note.