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Meri Durga 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of Meri Durga you will watch Durga and her friends cheer Amrita by dancing. Sheela argues with everyone. She asks for house division. Everyone get shocked.Stay tune with us for more written updates.

The Episode starts with Durga finishing her exam. Amrita and Annapurna shift the electronics and tie thee boxes. Annapurna says why does Lord always give us sorrow. Amrita says Lord saved us from sorrow, come. They take the trolley. The wheel gets stuck inside the pit. Amrita and Annapurna try to get the trolley wheel out of the dirt pit. Bansi’s dad helps them and pushes the trolley. Sheela looks on.

Durga and her friends talk after the exam and check answers. Her friend says Durga will pass. Yashpal hears them and says Durga worked hard, she will pass. He gets a call and says fine, I will come. He says Durga, I have to go home for some work. He leaves. Durga says I will not give party soon, Amrita is sad, my happiness is incomplete. Yashpal asks the shop vendor how can he refuse. The man says I don’t give anything on loan, I don’t know any Dulaari, read this, goods once sold are not taken back. Yashpal recalls Dulaari’s words. He tells the man to take things back, I m in loan already. The man asks him to leave. Yashpal says I did not touch any item, I m poor man, help me, if anything such happens with you. The man scolds him and pushes him out.

Brij holds Yashpal and asks the man to apologize. The man refuses. Brij argues with the man. Yashpal asks Brij not to talk in his matter. He asks the man to take the items in low rate. The man agrees. He gives him some money. Yashpal asks Brij to keep it. Brij asks him to keep it. Yashpal says no, you did many favors on me already. He goes.

Durga and her friends surprise Amrita. They sing Chak de….. They all dance. Amrita smiles and sings with them. They all get shocked seeing Yashpal. Durga says I was going to study, they came and we were having fun, as exam ended. Yashpal sees the floral hair band. He makes Amrita wear it back. He says exam ended, now you all can have fun, play around. He laughs. They all get happy and hug him.

Its morning, Durga tells Annapurna that she wants to go to fields, new fair and roads, its much time to go there, I forgot to fly kites. She takes some coins. Annapurna gives her some money and asks her to have fun. Shilpa comes in her way. She says exam result has to come, remember if you get zero, you will go Bhiwani. Durga says don’t trouble me. Annapurna and Yashpal take Durga’s side.

Yashpal says Durga is studying hard. She goes to her friends and smiles. Brij showers notes on Sheela. She asks what are you doing. He asks her to pick notes, this is what you wanted. He scolds her and throws notes on her face. He says I forgot to say, whatever happened, I took blame on myself because I want to keep this house peace, you did wrong to divide this house, this annoyance between brothers happened because of you.

Sheela keeps money in cupboard. She goes out and argues with Brij. Brij asks what are you saying. Sheela says I will not hear anyone. She does the drama. She asks Brij to beat her. Dadi asks Sheela to calm down. Sheela taunts Dadi. She says Brij earns and gets money, Yashpal takes money from him. She sits and says I will do division today. They all get shocked.

Sheela says Yashpal was praising Brij when proposal came, if guy is bad, what is our mistake, we did much money, now Yashpal is arguing with Brij. Brij gets angry and asks her to shut up. Brij goes out. Amrita says Sheela, this is not so good to say, if you remind your favors, what’s the use to do. Sheela says even you got a tongue now, you did not say when Brij spent money, Brij earns by hardwork, if you spend hard earned money, I will not tolerate. She taunts Yashpal. She asks what’s the need to stay together when there is bitterness in heart, divide this house today.

Meri Durga 21th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dadi gives water to Yashpal and Brij. They both drink water and cough. Dadi sees them. Durga says my exam result is coming today, you did not feed me curd. Durga prays to Hanuman.

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