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Meri Durga 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 21st February 2017 video watch online on 

The Episode starts with the girl asking the man to write her name, she will run with boys. The man asks are you mad, what will you do. She says I will win, what else. He asks will you win over boys. She says yes, please agree, its big thing for me, I have to win race for my dad’s glasses, take my name. Her friends praise Durga. The man says let her run if she wants.

Yashpal enters the race ground. The girls race begins. Durga wishes she could run with the girls. Coach looks on and does not find Durga in the girls team. He gets sad. He thinks that girl won faster than this winner. He asks did that girl come. The man says no. The man announces the boys race, a girl will race with the boys today, everyone see. Durga smiles. Coach turns to see and sees Durga. He says she has come.

Everyone clap for Durga, who is competing with boys. Coach looks at her. Coach looks on and thinks she is the one. Durga says I m not monkey to jump like them, I will just run, I m scared. Bansi goes. Durga stands on her position. Coach smiles and starts the timer. The boys run ahead. Durga starts late. Coach thinks why is her speed slow today. Durga sees the kite and smiles. She runs faster than the boys after seeing the kite. Bansi flies the kite to make her win.

Durga runs faster. Everyone praise her. Coach sees her speed. Bansi bites the thread and leaves the kite in the air. The kite goes far. Durga runs seeing the kite. Her friends cheer for her. The man says this girl has gone ahead of the boys. Durga smiles seeing the kite and runs. The man asks his friend to come and see the girl, who is running faster than boys. Yashpal hears this and goes to see the race. Durga falls down and gets hurt. The man says the girl has fell down. The boys run ahead. Yashpal thinks the girl who was running has fell down. Coach says get up….. He sees her and thinks she got hurt in her knee. Durga gets up and starts running again. Yashpal goes and does not see Durga. Durga sees the glasses on the poster and thinks of Yashpal. She starts running again. Coach says great and smiles.

Durga runs in the race. Yashpal takes the milk bottles and gives to everyone. Everyone is happy. Yashpal calls a lady. He asks about Durga. The lady says I came in satsang, I m reaching home now. He says fine, tell me when she leaves from there. She says sure. He ends call. The bus leaves. Durga runs to catch up with the boys. Everyone clap for her. Durga again runs past the boys. Coach smiles. A boy wins the race. Durga loses and cries. The man says everyone is feeling her failure today, the girl has lost. The coach sees her timing and thinks she has run faster than other girls even when she fell down. He goes.

Durga’s friends runs to her. They ask her not to cry and not lose, next time you can make everyone lose. She says I could not win glasses for Yashpal. We will leave from here. The man says we will honor the girl who has run with the boys, she will be given the first prize as the winner, we want to honor her courage, her name is Durga, Durga come here and take the glasses voucher. Durga hears this and stops. She smiles and goes to get the prize. Coach thinks now I can meet her. He recalls telling the head to honor Durga, her timing was very good, she fell down and could not win, but she deserves to win. Durga asks will my dad’s glasses be made for free by this. The man says yes. Coach sees her. Bansi sees photographer and moves her, saying your dad can see the picture, run fast. Coach Rajbeer Rana is stopped by the man. The man asks him to give prizes to the winner. Coach looks for Durga.

Durga sees her knee wound. She washes her wound. The boy says I knew we will get late, so I solved all papers for us. Durga asks him to keep voucher, I will go for Amrita’s rasam, I have the address written in my hand. She sees the address erased. The boy asks how will you go now.

Coach says maybe she left. The man says we will get her name from list. Coach says but I had to meet her, look for her. He goes to get Durga’s details. Durga says I will reach there. Bansi asks shall we come along. She says no, you all go home now, I will be careful. They leave. She cleans her clothes. Coach comes there. He misses to see Durga. She leaves. The man says if you see Durga, stop her. Durga hears this and thinks who are they, why are they finding me, will they take voucher back. She runs away. She hears some guys talking about Amrita, whom a guy is fooling in love. She thinks are they saying about my sister.

Meri Durga 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The guys tell about Rishi and his mum’s game. Durga hears them and runs to Amrita. She sees the rasam getting completed.

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