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Meri Durga 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer asking Durga to come and see which she did not see till now. He shows her the race track. She smiles. He says you will run here and win the state championship, your race will begin at that mark. Durga imagines everyone taking her name. He says your dad will be sitting there and see you winning the race. Durga imagines Yashapal running to her and lifting her happily. She says I can’t wait for tomorrow. Rajveer says you will run like a tigress, we have to win a trophy.

Durga thinks I want to make my dad feel proud. Sanjay asks Durga’s friends about her address. He introduces himself. Durga’s friends scold him for troubling Durga. They take Sanjay to Durga. Shri makes Durga study. Subhadra looks on. Yashpal comes home and gets glad seeing Durga studying. Manohar calls her out. Yashpal says she is studying, you also go and study. Manohar goes. Annapurna gives tea to Yashpal. Durga’s friend throws the note for her. He signs her to come out. Shri sees Yashpal. Shri helps Durga. She says we will go inside and study. Yashpal says go, I will take a nap. Shri sends Durga.

Sanjay is tied by Durga’s friends. Durga comes to the temple. She gets shocked seeing Sanjay. Yashpal asks Shri about Durga. She says Durga…. He says don’t know where she went. He gets the note and make sher read it. Shri says someone asked her to come to temple. Sanjay asks Durga’s friends to give gift to Durga, then he will go. Durga checks the gift. She smiles seeing her collage. Yashpal comes there. Durga worries.

Yashpal asks what is she doing here, who’s this guy. Sanjay says I study in her school, its special day for her, so I got a gift. Durga stops him from showing gift. Shri comes and looks on. Durga says he is Prince, he came to take notes for exam. Yashpal asks what’s in your hands, what happened, show me. Subhadra comes and asks Yashpal to go home, I will get Durga, everyone is waiting, Durga’s friends would have come to wish her all the best for exam. Yashpal asks Durga to come home. Yashpal goes. Subhadra sees the collage. Durga worries.

Subhadra says Shri is not talking to me, forgive me Durga, you are doing a lot for Yashpal, go and live your dreams, I will not tell him anything. Shri asks really. Subhadra wears on her. Shri hugs Durga. She thinks Yashpal would have stopped Durga from running if he saw this frame, it will be fun when Yashpal sees Durga running and his hope breaks. She says I will hide his frame, come home. Durga thanks her. Subhadra thinks Yashpal will hate Durga.


Meri Durga 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amrita gives money to Annapurna and hugs. Madhav looks on. Yashpal prays for Durga. Durga goes for the race. Rajveer asks her to concentrate.