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Meri Durga 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 21st March 2017 watch online Episode HD on 

In todays Episode of Meri Durga you will watch Dadi gives water to Yashpal and Brij. They both drink water and cough. Dadi sees them. Durga says my exam result is coming today, you did not feed me curd. Durga prays to Hanuman. Stay tuned with us for more written Updates.

The Episode starts with Durga running and playing around with her friends. Chori do bilanki….plays…… She goes to pray in temple. She runs in the village and dances. She enjoys on water rides and jumps. Durga and her friends go to the book shop. Durga sees maths box and says maths saved Amrita’s life, I like maths.

Yashpal asks Sheela can anyone stay happy by house division, we can sort the problem. Sheela says we have seen all things, simple thing is you can’t get anything from school for a year now, we lost our savings, I don’t know Amrita has marriage lines in hand or not, I have to look after Shilpa’s marriage too. Brij hears this and shouts enough, what nonsense are you saying, are you mad.

Yashpal says its fine, let her speak up. Sheela says I was division.Annapurna cries. Brij asks did you get mad. He asks Yashpal not to talk to Sheela. Yashpal says she is saying right, I have loan burden on me, I have to give money some day. Sheela says I have one more way for you, take some money from me and leave from this house, no relations left then. They get shocked. Sheela says everyone is listening this now. Yashpal gets sad. He says fine, I will go from here. He asks Annapurna to pack bags.

Brij asks what are you saying. Dadi stops Yashpal. Yashpal says none will say anything, I will leave. Dadi scolds him. She says I m fine till now, listen to me. Yashpal says let me go. Dadi says for my sake, sit. She makes Brij calm down. She asks Sheela to shut up. Durga asks the man did Yashpal’s specs made. The man says this is made from Bhiwani.

Durga recalls Shilpa and sees Shilpa in the man. The man asks her to go Bhiwani and get it if she is in hurry. Durga says no, I will wait. She says Bhiwani stuck to me and runs. Bansi asks what happened, tell me. Durga says I m in tension about marks, if I get less marks, dad will send me to Bhiwani.

Her friend asks her not to worry, she will pass. Dadi asks Yashpal to have water. He refuses. She asks him to have water before taking decision. She gives water to Brij also. Yashpal and Brij drink water and cough. They ask why did you add chilli in this. Dadi gives jaggery to Brij and asks him to have it. Brij sees Yashpal and asks him to have jaggery. Yashpal says you eat it, you feel much spice. Brij and Yashpal try to feed jaggery to each other. Dadi smiles.

Dadi breaks the jaggery and gives them. Yashpal and Brij feed each other. Dadi asks Sheela did she see this and understand, its blood relation, both brothers were in my womb for nine months, they think of each other’s problem first, heart is united, none can make them separated. She asks Yashpal can he stay without Brij, whom he raised as a son. Brij says never talk about leaving me. Yashpal asks Sheela not to worry, he will return money, but he won’t leave Brij. He asks her not to talk about dividing the house, we will always be united. He hugs Brij. Sheela leaves angrily.

Amrita goes to Yashpal and says I want to work. Yashpal asks what’s the need. She asks will you stop your son too, give me a chance to become your son, Baby told me that I do good embroidery work, I can get busy in work. Yashpal says you don’t need to work, I m proud of your thinking, if you get happy by work, you can do it, I m with you.

Its morning, Yashpal says I m very happy today. Amrita says Durga has won. Annapurna does her aarti. Durga wakes up from this dream and says its my result today, such a good dream, its enough if I pass. She goes to Dadi and lies on the ground. She says I want your treasure, that’s your blessing, bless me to win. Dadi says I don’t understand anything, your mind has something going on. Durga says its my exam result today. Dadi blesses her and laughs.

Durga hears Shilpa singing in bathroom. She thinks to not see Shilpa and covers her eyes. She goes to bathroom. Durga gets ready for school. She says none worries for me. Annapurna smiles and makes her eat curd. Durga says there is no sugar in it, how will I pass now. Annapurna says mum’s hand’s curd has sweetness, Lord will always bless you. Yashpal asks Durga to come fast. Durga goes and prays in temple that she gets good marks. Durga’s paper is checked by teacher. Durga prays she gets 35 marks. Teacher gives 35 marks to Durga.
Meri Durga 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Subhadra asks maid to talk. Maid says I will come at 10am only. Teacher sees Durga’s paper. Subhadra asks Yashpal did Durga pass or fail.

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